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We love Disney’s Moana movie and today we have something super special to share on The Inspiration Edit, it’s a Moana rock stone painting.

This rock stone was created by Melissa Dougherty. Melissa is a mother and rock painter who lives in Virginia Beach, Va in the USA. She is so super talented at rock painting. In fact I’ve seen quite a few of her Disney themed stones and they are brilliant.

Melissa has also painted some amazing dog themed rocks which I particularly love and will be sharing at a later date. So here is the Moana rock stone that both me and my daughter Sylvia, think is totally adorable.

Disney Moana Rock Stone Painting Idea

disney moana rock stone

Do You Love Moana?

My daughter Sylvia is a huge Moana fan. She was born in New Zealand and is half Pacific Island. She identifies with Moana and we have had a lot of fun and enjoyment from this Disney story.

Moana is a strong character even as a little one. She is a rock and a pillar to her community when she grows up and it’s ironic that this Moana craft is painted on a rock. Moana’s character is certainly one to admire.

disney moana rock stone

Moana Painted Rock

I really love the detailing on this rock. The eyes are so realistic, the flowers and the hair and even the shell necklace. It’s fantastic and totally believable.

disney moana rock stone

I’m so impressed with this stone and am really happy to be able to share it here on The Inspiration Edit. Thanks Melissa for sharing your art!

Angela x

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Moana Disney Ears

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moana Rock Stone

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disney moana rock stone