Over the past few months I have been extreemely unwell. I am not sure what the cause of this is. I have a number of health conditions including Adrenal Insufficiency and serious deficiencies of vital minerals and vitamins and as a result I have had no energy and have been feeling pretty down in the dumps. It’s true, being unwell can cause you to feel quite rubbish at times.

A friend suggested I take up rock stone painting. It’s something I tried about a year ago and it did not work. So I decided to try it again. This time I made sure I researched the best paints and tools to use and it has helped me to slowly improve my rock painting skills. Today I am sharing my recent painting of a Bichon Dog.

So the things you need for painting a rock are simple. A rock, paints and a pencil. I bought a bag of rocks from a local Garden Centre and got some lovely Posca Paint Pens for my birthday. You can use a number of different painting options but I liked the pens.

The first thing I did was to draw the outline of a dog on the stone.

Once this was done I was ready to paint.

I painted the dog white and then added some red for the tongue.

I painted the mouth black however I did not like the look so I painted over this when it was dry with white.

I then used a thin black pen to draw the outline of my Bichon Dog.

Finally I added a dog bone to add a little personality to the stone. Do you like it? I sure do!

I am really looking forward to making more rock art and sharing it here on the blog.

Angela x




  1. This is too cute! I am terrible at drawing but my daughter is pretty good at it. I’ll have to show her this post.

  2. This is such a cute idea. I have a few stones that would be perfect for painting. I will have to get some of these markers.

  3. I have heard of rock painting before and find it really creative.This bichon dog rock is really cute. And it is great if it can help relax. One of art many functions I guess 🙂

  4. The little doggies is cute. We like to rock paint here. THe kids in the neighborhood hide them and when we find one we replace it with one of ours. It’s fun for them and a good way to get them outside too.

  5. That’s so adorable! It’s always fun finding new ways to spice up arts and crafts. I’ll have to try this out with my son sometime. Thanks for sharing!

  6. This is such a cool project. I know my daughter was doing some rock art very recently. And I would love to find some great paints to do some more. Thanks for the good info here. And your painting is adorable.

  7. Cute drawing. My kid loved to draw animals and she has done painting it in the rocks. I kept it so that she’ll be reminded of it when she grows up.

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