Cat In The Hat Rock Painting Craft

Today on The Inspiration Edit I am sharing my latest rock painting which is a Cat In The Hat rock painting based on the book by Dr Seuss. I am a huge fan of The Cat In The Hat and Dr Seuss. In fact Dr Seuss is a favourite author of mine and I loved painting the cat onto this rock stone. It was a bit of a bumpy stone so it was a little tricky to paint but I enjoyed it and enjoyed the finished work of art. This is something you might like to do with the kids for fun, when reading The Cat In The Hat or as a way to celebrate Dr Seuss Day.


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What you need

One rock stone

1 lead pencil

Posca Pens

Sketch Paper 

Paint Tray (optional)



The first step when creating your Cat In The Hat rock stone is to draw your cat onto a sketch book or paper. I like to do this to make sure I have my image right before drawing onto stone. I do this because stone is harder to rub out if a mistake is made with the pencil.

Next use your pencil to draw the same character from your sketch book onto the stone. Look for a stone which is longer is shape to allow room for the cat’s hat.

Next paint the white stripes on the cat’s hat and begin to colour the the different sections of the cat on the stone with the white posca paint pen.

Next colour in the cat’s bow tie and the rest of the cat’s hat using the red posca paint pen.

Once the cat is painted, you can begin to draw the outline using a thin black posca pen.

Now the cat is ready for more detail to be added to the stone.

You can use the black posca pen to draw the eyes, eyebrows, ears, whiskers and hair.

And now the Cat In The Hat rock painting is complete.

This is a really fun activity that you can do on your own or with the kids. I find painting therapeutic and it’s something I enjoy whilst living with chronic illness and Adrenal Insufficiency.


I also enjoy painting with my daughter. It’s a great way for her to develop her art and drawing skills and is also a lot of fun and a great way to bond.



cat in the hat rock painting


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cat in the hat rock painting


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