Lion King Painted Rock Stones by Carly S

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Disney’s The Lion King Painted Rock Stones

Have you ever considered rock painting? If so you might want to learn more about the different painted rock communities in your area. I belong to a number of rock painting groups, where people often share amazing painted rocks are craft ideas.

Lion king painted rocks

Today we are sharing some Disney fan art in the form of rock painting. These fantastic “The Lion King craft ideas” are just amazing and happens to be some of the best Lion king fan art I’ve seen in a long time. The paintings are fantastic! Enjoy these amazing Disney themed painted rocks stones. 

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A Talented Rock Painter From Winnipeg 

These amazing painted rocks were created by Carly S, a Mother and Rock Painting Artist from Winnipeg Manitoba in Canada! 

I’d like to express my gratitude to Carly for sharing her talents here on The Inspiration Edit. She surely is an amazing artist! 

And what’s even more exciting is that these beauties are going to be hidden locally in Winnipeg for others to find! How awesome is that! 

If you’ve never heard of Winnipeg, it’s a city that has become popular for it’s painted rock games. The Winnipeg Rocks game started back in 2017 and involves decorating, hiding and searching for rocks anywhere in the city.

Once a rock is found the treasure is shared with the many players that take part in this fun activity.  Rocks are shared in the Winnipeg Rocks Facebook group which was founded by Lorna Kroeker . 

Lion King painted rocks mufasa painted rock

What to Do When You Find a Painted Rock

Finding a painted rock in your community, in a local park or other location can be really exciting. You really do have a choice. You can either keep the rock or choose to re-hide it. 

If you have a phone on you, you may want to take a photo of the rock in the location you found it and re-hide it directly. Alternatively you could take the rock home to take a picture or you could choose to keep the rock. The option is yours! 

Many rocks have writing or instructions on the back, guidelines or a facebook group for you to share your found treasure. Don’t forget to check your rock for information and if you have time share with your local community. It’s all part of the fun! 

lion king painted rocks

Fantastic Examples of Painted Rocks

These amazing Disney The Lion King painted rock stones are pretty incredible and a fantastic example of painted rocks. You can paint rocks using different techniques from using acrylic paint and a brush, to using a dotter or a posca paint pen. 

There are numerous ways to paint your rock stones as an adult or with kids. Painting rocks with kids can be super fun, but it can be just as fun to paint as an adult. In fact painting rock stones can be quite therapeutic and relaxing as well as enjoyable. 

When you paint a rock with the intention of placing it out in the community, don’t forget to seal it with a quality sealer to protect if from the weather and the elements. 

Which Disney Lion King Painted Rock do you like the best? 

A Great Disney Fan Art Idea

I am so impressed by these Lion King painted rock stones. I love them all, however the Simba painted rock is pretty cute. I also love the Pumba painted rock, the way he is smiling and his eyes shone, as if he is saying Hakuna Matata! In total there are 10 fantastic Disney rock stones and they will be hiding in Winnipeg, Manitoba. 

If you had to choose a Lion King painted rock to paint yourself which would you try? Please do let me know in the comments below! 

  • Simba Rock Art
  • Timone Painted Rock
  • Pumba Rock Stone 
  • Scarface Painted Rock
  • Nala Rock Stone
  • Zazu Painted Rock
  • Banzai The Hyena Painted Rock 
  • Simba and Nala Rock Stone
  • Mufasa Painted Rock 
  • Rafiki Painted Rock

I think I’d start with Pumba as he is one of my favourite characters! 

Hakuna Matata! – Joining the Rock Painting Community

Rock painting and rock hiding can be super fun! In fact why not go find out if there is a local rock painting group in your area. You might be able to find a group on Facebook and then you can join in the fun and games of painting, hiding and searching for painted rocks. 

Useful Items For Painting Your Rock Stones

You may also love these Minion painted rocks, M&M painted rocks or these super cute Whale Painted Rock painting can be super fun! We even have some fantastic Halloween painted rocks here on The Inspiration Edit. I’m sure you will love those!

Please pin these fantastic painted rocks to pinterest!

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  1. These look incredible, how talented!
    We used to find a lot of painted stones around my area we used to re-hide them, but haven’t seen them around in a while

  2. I’m from Winnipeg, and a rock painter as well. But you are an amazing artist! Hope to find one of your rocks one day, 😉

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