Bamboo Bamboo Animal Plates and Healthy Meal Ideas for Toddlers

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The plates were gifted from Bamboo Bamboo

If you follow The Inspiration Edit regularly you’ll know that I have a passion for helping kids learn, grow and develop whilst having fun. In fact my passion for healthy and fun food ideas started long before I blogged or became a mother. I actually taught cooking in the past, and studied nutrition for kids as part of my professional development whilst working as an Early Years teacher.

Today I’m sharing a few fun food ideas using these fantastic Bamboo Bamboo Animal Plates which were gifted for the purpose of this post. I’m excited to share the fun meal ideas we came up with and the ideas we had for feeding toddlers and little ones.

healthy meal ideas for toddlers

The Best Bamboo Plates for Toddlers and Little Ones

I’ll begin by sharing the Bamboo Bamboo animal plates. There is a fabulous collection of animal themed plates. With over 11 different designs I was spoilt for choice, however I chose to order the Bamboo Bamboo, Fox, Fish and Unicorn plates.

Each Bamboo plate has a silicone suction grip which can stick to your high chair or the table and can’t be moved. This means no tipping the plate up or dropping the plate on the floor.

The Bamboo plates are smooth and have several sections to allow little ones to push food onto a spoon. The partitions can help you to create fun designs with your child’s food encouraging them to eat a variety of grains, fruits, vegetables and much more.

How to Care For Your Bamboo Bamboo Plate for Toddlers

Bamboo Bamboo plates should be hand washed and are not suitable for the dishwasher or microwave. Bamboo is naturally antibacterial so you simply need to wipe down the plate with warm soapy water.

I dried my plates straight after washing to reduce the exposure to water and to keep the wood protected you can wipe your plates with coconut oil every so often to keep the wood in good condition.

And now for the fun part, sharing three fun food ideas for your little ones to enjoy.

Unicorn Breakfast Smoothie for Toddlers

For the Unicorn breakfast we went for a simple breakfast smoothie. First we added unsweetened yogurt to the unicorn plate. Next we sliced some kiwi fruit and added some apricot pieces.

In the small section fo the plate we added rolled oats and a mixture of blueberries and raspberries. We like to store our berries in the freezer so they last longer. If you don’t have fresh berries then be sure to thaw your berries the night before creating this tasty breakfast for toddlers.

Mr Fox Cheeky Cheese Lunch for Toddlers

This toddler lunch was inspired by my daughter’s and husband’s favorite foods. My daughter loves muffin bread and mini sausages. My husband loves olives and salami and I love carrots and hummus.

We spread hummus on top of the muffins to create the fox’s head. Round cheese babybells were used as eyes with olives on top. Carrots and salami were used for ears, nose and eyebrows and the red sausages added colour to Mr Fox’s face.

You can absolutely change up the meal idea or switch out an ingredient if you don’t like it. We had a lot of fun with this and it tasted great!

Fish Themed Finger Food Afternoon Tea for Toddlers

The fish themed finger food plate is a great afternoon snack. Filling one side of the fish with hummus, we added cucumber scales to the other section. We love carrots with hummus so used these to create bubbles and added a little salami and olive for the fish eye.

You might like to change this up and use celery sticks instead of cucumber or maybe try adding some different colored bell peppers sliced up. The aim is to have a healthy and filling snack for the kids to graze on and enjoy.

I really enjoyed testing out these fun Bamboo Bamboo animal plates. I do believe they are not only great quality but also a great way to get little ones, to enjoy their meals more. These plates are versatile and the silicone suction pads stick well to surfaces.

Whether you’re creating a fun food idea or you’re simply placing different finger foods in the various sections of your child’s plate, these plates are fantastic for encouraging healthy eating and for making meals time more fun.


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  1. I just love these plates, they would Best Regards, Tasheena Womack perfect for when my nieces and nephews comes over.

  2. These plates are so adorable. I want to get some of them for myself. I’ll be checking these out. I think my kids would love having them too.

  3. What a darling way to bring extra smiles to meal time! My little ones will adore the animal faces smiling back at them. Not going to lie, that unicorn is calling to me as well!

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