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Halloween Black Cat And Pumpkin Painted Rocks Idea

I love to share simple rock painting ideas and today we have a halloween themed black cat and pumpkin painted rocks tutorial.

This is an easy halloween craft and can be created by all age groups. It’s fun to make halloween crafts for preschoolers or with little ones and this is one that I’m sure the children will enjoy.

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Making Pumpkin Painted Rocks

Here are the supplies required to make your pumpkin and black cat rock stone or stones if you choose to make multiple rocks for Halloween.

You can use Posca paint pens or posca markers or you might want to use chalk based pens such as chalkola paints. I prefer posca pens.


Paint Pens

How To Make This Pumpkin Painted Rocks Idea

First you will need to rinse your stone in warm water. Leave your stone on a towel and allow to dry completely.

Start by painting a pumpkin onto the stone using the orange paint pen.

Add eyes, a stalk and mouth using the white paint pen.

Paint the eyes and mouth yellow using a yellow paint pen.

Begin to draw a black cat next to the pumpkin. Add white eyes and a nose and then begin to colour in the cat using the black posca pen.

Add detail to the pictures using the black pen. Draw around the pumpkin mouth, add whiskers and eyes to the cat.

Finally add detail to your cat’s feet using a white paint pen. Allow the paint to dry completely.

Your Halloween Pumpkin and Black Cat Rock Stone  is now complete.

If you’d like to protect your stones designs for many uses, use a spray sealer or Modge Podge.


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