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Preschool aged kids are my favorite kids to work with. They are so curious, get excited about little things, and still have a joy of learning. What I love about this preschool boat craft is you can use it to go along with stories like Maisy’s Sailboat or teach kids the letters of the alphabet using this b is for boat craft. There are so many directions you could take it. 

Not only is this a great educational tool that incorporates learning and engineering, but kids love watching their little sail boats float on top of the water. It’s an accomplishment they can hold with them all their life. 

And, it is super easy to make! Check it out, below!

Preschool Boat Craft

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Summer Crafts For Preschoolers

We all know preschoolers can’t stay busy for long. If they don’t have something to do, they are dumping the trash into the toilet, putting toothpaste in their hair, or just plain driving you insane. If you like this boat craft for preschoolers, check out some of our other summer crafts to keep your preschooler busy:

Keep reading to find out how to make this cute rainbow preschool boat craft…

Supplies Needed For This Preschool Boat Craft

  • Rainbow Boat Craft
  • Supplies
  • Rainbow craft sticks
  • Plain craft sticks
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scrap book paper
  • Paper straws

How To Make A Boat Craft For Kids

Lay a row of colored craft sticks side by side to make a rainbow.

Preschool Boat Craft

Cut two plain craft sticks in half and glue three of the halves to the back of the rainbow boat base.

Making the bottom of the boat

Add another two craft sticks to the back of the boat going lengthwise.

boat craft steps

Cut a triangle out of scrapbook paper and punch a hole in the top and bottom.

Preschool Boat Craft directions

Cut a paper straw in half and slide the paper triangle onto the straw.

Making the sail

Place a mound of hot glue on the top of the boat and stick the straw into the center of the mound. Hold the straw in place until the glue dries.

Finished boat

Your boat craft is now ready to enjoy! 

Tip: Use cold water when playing with the boats. Hot water will melt the glue, causing the boat to fall apart.


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Preschool Boat Craft