20+ Sailboat Crafts for Summer

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Preschool Sailboat Crafts For Summer

Well today I wanted to share a fun an creative list of ideas in the form of Sailboat crafts.

Making new things with the kids can be really fun. Sylvia and I love to make little, new and interesting crafts and we have been visiting the internet for sail boat inspiration.

I really love the idea of making crafts from recycled materials. So the wine cork boats and the boats using twigs are a real winner in my eyes.

I also love the idea of juice box and egg carton crafts. It’s great to use what we have in the home and make use of them for fun.

Which idea do you like the most?

I’d love to hear?


Twig Boat Craft

Crafts inspired by nature are the perfect ones to try during the summer, and this easy twig boat craft is just that! 

Easy Pirate Cork Boats

Time to put those corks to use! Get your toddler involved in this fun and interesting pirate themed cork boat activity! 

Wine Cork Sailboat Craft For Kids

And here’s another cork craft to get your toddler busy with! All you’ll need is a few toothpicks, colored paper and some corks! 

Juice Box Boats

Time to use up those empty juice boxes and turn them into something wow momma! Get your toddler involved in 

Milk Carton Crafts Boat

And here’s another super adorable and easy to make sailboat craft you can get your toddler to try out! This one’s made using milk cartons. 

Handmade Boats

A few twigs and sticks, a few strips of paper and some string- that’s all you need to get your kiddo to try making these handmade boats. 

Sailing On The 7 Seas Treasure Ships

Filled with parts of a map leading upto a treasure, this fun sailboat themed activity is an interesting one you can get your toddler to try out! 

Egg Carton Craft Ideas

Summer is here and it is the perfect time to try some fun crafts! This one makes use of that extra egg carton you have! 

Pool Noodle Crafts And Activities

Time to put that extra old pool noodle to use! Here’s not just one or two but 18 super toddler friendly activities using just that.

sailboat craft ideas

Be A Sailor Make A Boat

Using a simple cardboard box and a few other essentials, get your kid into some pretend play and try creating this fun little boat. 

Boat Craft

Using just a few popsicle sticks, you can get your toddler to try making this awesome sailboat craft on a lazy summer afternoon. 

Boat Crafts For Kids

On the hunt for some more fun boat crafts for your kiddo? This one has a list of some of the best picks. 

Fun Sample Cardboard Boat

Approved by toddlers and lots of fun to make, this cardboard canoe craft project is an easy one to try! 

Paper Crafts Make A Boat

Super simple and easy to make, this is one boat themed craft activity that’s fun and yet, needs minimal supervision from your end too. 

Mayflower Craft And Science Activity

Turn egg cartons into mini pirate ships and get your toddler on board with this fun crafty and science themed activity! 

Kids Craft Milk Carton Boats

Use up those old milk cartons and turn them into boats. This is another fun summer themed activity you would want your toddler to try! 

Paper Plate Sailboat

And of course, no craft activity list is complete without a paper plate craft! Yes, you can use up those extra paper plates and turn them into a sailboat. 

Cork crafts Mini Beasts and Boat

And here’s one more fun cork craft you can get your toddler to engage in. And yes, it is super easy too. 

Tub Boat Craft

Ready to take your toddler’s activity time up a notch! Give this super fun self propelling boat activity a shot! 

Egg Carton Boat Craft

And last but not the least, here’s another inspired sailboat themed activity that needs you to use a few paints, egg cartons and some straws.

Have you seen our super fun Noah’s Ark Paper Plate Craft? Check it out!

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sailboat craft ideas

Angela Milnes is a Qualified Early Years Teacher who has specialised in Preschool and Kindergarten teaching. She has a wealth of experience teaching young children and is passionate about kids crafts and having fun as a family. Angela has also taught cooking skills and loves to share both family recipes and easy crafts here on The Inspiration Edit. Follow her on Pinterest!

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