Dog Crafts Kids Will Love to Make

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Here are some easy dog craft ideas that kids will love to make. 

We are huge dog lovers here on the Inspiration Edit. In fact we have a whole category on the blog dedicated to our lovely dogs Yoda and Casper and today we are sharing some super cute crafts that kids can make.


Crafts can be super fun for toddlers, preschoolers and school aged kids. Whether you’re looking for a dog puppet or a simple paper dog craft, I’m sure you will find something you’ll love from this list of dog related crafts.

dog craft ideas for preschool kids

Easy Dog Themed Crafts You Will Love

Today we are sharing 13 Super Cute Dog Craft Ideas for kids to make. From toilet roll dogs to handprint dogs there are lots of ideas to choose from. We hope you love this roundup.

I’ll begin by sharing this super cute paper dog puppet craft with free template.

It’s easy fun and simple to make! I loved making this puppet and there are a few different dog themed puppets here on the blog for you to choose from!

paper dog puppet craft for preschoolers

Easy Craft Ideas for Kids Who Love Dogs

Here are some easy dog crafts that are simple enough for children of all ages to enjoy.

Secret Life Of Pets Max Kids Craft

Did your kiddo enjoy the movie? Why not take it up a notch with this easy craft activity that he can do on a lazy afternoon! 

Handprint Dog Craft

Handprint art projects are really easy and fun to work on and this easy dog themed one is a great choice for your toddler to get started on. 

Footprint Puppy Dog Craft

And here’s going a step beyond handprint art and craft projects. Here’s a footprint activity that’s so much fun to try out!

dog crafts

Paper Spring Dog

And here’s yet another fun dog themed activity you could get your toddler to try. You don’t even need a lot of supplies for this one. 

Cardboard Tube Dog

Got extra cardboard tubes? Here’s putting them to use with a fun and inspired dog themed craft activity for your kiddo! 

Toilet Paper Roll Dogs

Time to use up those old toilet paper rolls momma! Get your little one to transform them into these cute dogs with this fun project! 

Easy Origami Dog

If you’re on the hunt for a super easy activity that takes little or no supplies, this is the one. You’ll just need a sheet of paper and a pen- that’s it! 

Paper Bag Dog Craft

Using up old paper bags and turning them into a fun project for your toddler is a great idea, and this dog themed one is so cute and incredibly easy to make too!

dog crafts

Paper Plate Dog Craft

Looking for a fun way to keep your kiddo busy on a lazy afternoon? This dog themed paper plate craft is a great choice. 

Talking Dog Puppet

Ready to get your toddler to try a super fun craft activity that may take a teeny bit of effort, but is totally worth it? This talking dog puppet is the perfect one to try!

dog crafts

Printable Dog Mask

Looking to create some pretend play essentials for your kiddo? These easy printable dog masks have you covered. 

Pancake Puppies

Got a kiddo who loves pancakes and dogs? This easy project combines them both, and is a fun activity you both can try together. 

Toilet Paper Roll Dogs

Here’s putting those toilet paper rolls to use! Get your toddler to turn them into these cute dogs with this fun filled activity! 

DIY Dog Shampoo Bars For Kids To Make

Frugal, creative and eco friendly, shampoo bars are a great DIY project to try, and these are dog shaped- perfect to involve your toddler too! 

Dog themed Father’s Day Card

Looking for a cool Father’s Day card you can get your kiddo to create? This dog themed one is an excellent pick to try out!

Father's Day Card

Check Out My super cute Dog Rock Stone. I love it! We have lot’s of different rock painting ideas on The Inspiration Edit

dog rock stone

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best dog crafts for kids

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