Super Easy Bumble Bee Preschool Craft

Today we have a fantastic Bumble Bee popsicle stick craft to share. It’s fun simple and easy to make with the little ones and a perfect activity for the spring. I really hope you enjoy.

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What You Will Need

Mini Popsicle Sticks
Milk or Water Jug
Black and Yellow Paint
Black Marker
Black and Red Paint Pen
Paint Brush
Pipe Cleaners
Googly Eyes

Darice, 80 Piece, 5 ¾ inch, Jumbo Natural Finish Craft SticksDarice, 80 Piece, 5 ¾ inch, Jumbo Natural Finish Craft SticksElmer's E304 Glue (2 Piece)Elmer’s E304 Glue (2 Piece)


Let’s Make It

Glue 7 mini popsicle sticks together.

Paint the popsicle sticks yellow and allow them to dry completely.

Paint every other popsicle stick black and allow them to dry completely.

Clean a milk jug or use a water jug. Cut chunks of the flat areas of plastic out.

Draw a wing shape onto cardstock and cut out. Trace the wing shape onto the plastic and cut out. Repeat the steps above but with a smaller wing shape. (don’t forget to reverse the wing shape for the other side of the bee)

Cut a pipe cleaner into 4 pieces. Twirl the ends.

Glue the pipe cleaners onto the back of the bee.

Glue googly eyes at the top of the bee.

Glue the large wings onto the bee first followed by the smaller wings on top of the large wings.

Draw a smile with black and red posca paint pens.

Your bumble bees are finished!

This is such an adorable and simple craft. Great for preschool or kindergarten!


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