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Instant Pot Jam is quite fun to make and really enjoyable. I always loved making strawberry jam with my mum as a child and now I have my own pressure cooker I am loving that I can make Jam with ease in the pressure cooker. Even better, there are plenty of fantastic recipes to try out. Today I am sharing some of those amazing jam recipes here on The Inspiration Edit.

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How Long Does Homemade Jam Last?

Have you ever asked the question how long will jam keep? Well if you store your homemade jam in the fridge it can keep for some time. In fact, once your jam jar has been opened you can expect your homemade jam to last for up to three months.

This of course is an average and may depend on the weather, how often you use your jam and how quickly it is returned to the fridge. 

Either way, you can expect your jam recipes to last for around 12 weeks when stored correctly in your fridge. 

strawberry jam recipes

Instant Pot Burn Notice! What To Do!

Strawberry Jam Recipes For The Pressure Cooker

I love a good strawberry jam recipe and today I am sharing quite a few homemade ham recipe options that you can try out with your punnet of strawberries. Strawberry jam recipes can taste delicious and I love a dollop of jam on a scone. How do you use your strawberry jam?

Here is a list of Instant Pot Strawberry Jam recipes. 

Strawberry Jam from Simply Happy Foodie

With just 3 simple ingredients and a short cooking time in your instant pot, this strawberry jam recipe is a must try if you’re thinking of ditching those processed foods and finally embracing clean eating! 

Orange Strawberry Jam from Recipes From A Pantry

Here’s taking that regular strawberry jam up a notch! This one comes packed with the flavors of orange and bits of orange zest too, making it the perfect recipe to try during the summer! 

Honey Sweetened Instant Pot Strawberry Jam from My Cultured Plate

Ready in minutes in your instant pot and sweetened naturally with honey, this strawberry jam recipe is great for those watching their weight, or for diabetics. 

Instant Pot Strawberry Chia Jam Recipe from Imagelicious

Looking to transform that basic strawberry jam into something even more nutritious and healthy? This recipe teams it up with one of the best superfoods out there- chia seeds. Go give it a try! 

Strawberry Jelly Recipe from Consumer Queen

Spreadable, flavorful and super delicious, this easy strawberry jelly recipe needs just those fresh berries, a handful of other ingredients, your instant pot, and a few minutes of your time.

instant pot jam recipes

Instant Pot Blueberry Jam

If you’re wondering how to make homemade jam in the instant pot then this blueberry jam recipe selection will be a pleaser for you. I love blueberries and the fact they are a superfood makes this a tasty and delicious option for the kitchen pantry. 

Instant Pot Blueberry Jam from Attainable Sustainable

Got yourself a big batch of fresh blueberries from your last trip to the supermarket? Here’s an awesome way to put it to use. Give this super simple and easy instant pot blueberry jam recipe a try! 

Blueberry Jam From Chatelaine

Just 3 ingredients and pectin- that’s all you need for this easy blueberry jam recipe, and you’re all sorted for summer. Best of all, it is ready in your instant pot! 

Lemon Zest Blueberry Jam by Corrie Cooks

Lemon zest can really perk up the flavor of most foods, and that’s exactly why we’ve added it here to this version of the instant pot blueberry jam. 

Pressure Cooker Homemade Blueberry Jam from Fork To Spoon

With zero preservatives and full of healthy blueberries, this easy instant pot/pressure cooker blueberry jam recipe should be on your to-do list this summer. 

2 Ingredient Blueberry Jam from Life is Sweeter By Design

Wait what? Yes, you read that right. With just 2 ingredients, you can actually whip up a batch of blueberry jam to last you all summer, and that’s exactly what we’ve got you right here.

instant piot jam blueberry recipe

Instant Pot Peach Jam Recipes

Have you tried peach jam before? Here are two peach jam recipes you could try if you have plenty of peaches to use up or you’re looking to try out a new jam recipe for the family.

Instant Pressure Cooker Peach Jam from Cooking Carnival

With 3 simple ingredients, a little time and your instant pot, you can replicate this peach jam (that’s sweetened with brown sugar) right in your kitchen! 

Peach Jam from Sparkles to Sprinkles

Here’s one of the best and tastiest ways to use up those ripe peaches! It takes just a teeny bit of effort, your instant pot, and before you know it, you’ll be spreading it on your toast! 

Pressure Cooker Peach Jam from Aileen Cooks

And here’s a fail-proof and easy, make and freeze peach jam recipe that’ll get you through summer. You’ll need pectin for this recipe- so make sure you’ve got it and you’re good to go! 

More Jam Recipes For Your Pressure Cooker

Here are plenty more delicious tasting pressure cooker jam recipes for you to use. I hope you enjoy this list and find something you are looking for. 

Delicious Pressure Cooker Cherry Jam Recipe by Just The Woods

Give it a sour or sweet twist- it doesn’t matter. Once you try this delicious cherry jam recipe in your instant pot, there’s no going back. 

Pineapple Hawaiian Jam Recipe from Melanie Cooks

Time to bring the delicious flavors of Hawaii in your kitchen folks! Give this super easy pineapple jam recipe a try in your very own instant pot, and you’ll be surprised at why you didn’t try it earlier! 

Instant Lemon Curd Recipe from Imagelicious

How about a recipe that comes together in under 30 minutes! That’s right. This lemon curd recipe is just that, and you’ll need just 4 ingredients to make it. Get started on it already! 

Pineapple Jam In The Instant Pot from The Belly Rules The Mind

Here’s another sugar-free version of the deliciously slurpy pineapple jam that will win you over with its juiciness! And if you’re making it in an instant pot for the first time, you’re going to freak out over how simple it really is! 

Instant Pot Pumpkin Butter from My Cultured Plate

Enjoy the flavors of fall in your home with this warm and comforting pumpkin butter. This recipe calls for it to be seasoned with cinnamon and allspice- which makes it even better! 

Blackberry Chia Jam by Pass Me Some Tasty

No huge amounts of sugar, no babysitting the pot, and no fancy ingredients- this easy blackberry chia jam comes together easily, and is the literal definition of simple, clean cooking!

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