Easy Spring Crafts for Kids

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Today I am sharing some super easy spring crafts for kids. Whether you’re looking for spring crafts for toddlers, preschool kids or older children, we have some brilliant spring craft ideas that you will love.

I’ve always loved the spring season and remember creating wonderful spring flowers with my teacher as a child. Spring flower crafts, creating bugs crafts and fun crafts for spring is something I really love and I hope you enjoy checking out these ideas as much as I enjoyed researching them.


Easy Spring Crafts For Kids

Easy Spring Craft Ideas

Spring crafts can be super fun but also easy. I love easy crafts, especially those with templates or simple instructions.

I find easy crafts are great for little ones at kindergarten or preschool as they are simple enough to enjoy but don’t take up too much time making the kids lose interest.

Here are 10 easy spring craft ideas you will love.

Paper Plate Flower Craft

When it’s all sun and flowers outside, why not bring the same into your home? This paper plate flower craft helps you do just that. 

Easy Spring Tree Crafts

From collages to finger painting, there’s actually a lot to keep your toddler busy! Give these easy spring tree crafts a quick look! 

Flower Potato Stamping Activity

Potato stamping can be an incredibly fun activity for growing kids, and this time, you can make it flower themed- right in time for spring! 

Paper Bag Frog Craft For Kids

Time to put those old paper bags to use folks! Transform them into these cute frogs with your little one! 

Botanical Sun Catchers

Suncatchers are an excellent summer activity to try, and this one in particular, is nature themed, right in time for spring! 

Kids Dragon Fly Mask

Masks are so much fun when it comes to pretend play, and you can actually get your kiddo to make this one on his own!

easy kids craft dragon fly mask

Spring Agamograph Template

Looking for a fun activity to keep your toddler busy with? This spring themed agamograph is just that and more! 

Lady Bug Finger Puppet

Ladybugs are adorable creatures that you can teach your toddler about, and this easy finger puppet is perfect to try during the springtime. 

Easy Flower Corner Bookmarks

Raising a little reader? Try making these super easy corner bookmarks that your kiddo can use! Flower power momma! 

Cheerio Caterpillars Activity

Time to polish your kiddo’s fine motor skills momma! This fun activity helps with just that! And yes, you’ll be using cheerios for it! 

Paper Bag Frog And Duck Craft

Here’s another stunning paper bag craft you can get your toddler busy with! It is duck and frog themed and is super easy to make too!

Frog Paper Bag Tutorial

Super Fun Crafts for Spring

Here are 10 more super fun crafts for spring. We have some bug themed crafts, flower pot crafts along with a fantastic Garden seed bomb craft idea.

These are really fun spring craft ideas for kids to make in the classroom or at home.

Grow Snipping Garden Activity

Hunting for something to teach your toddler about gardening? This snipping garden project is one of the best! 

Spring Patterning Activity

Looking for a no-fuss spring themed activity to keep your toddler busy with? This one’s an excellent choice. 

Fingerprint Bug Jar Activity

Fingerprint painting is always so much fun, and this time, you can make it spring themed by opting for a bug jar idea. 

Cute Recycled Spring Bugs

Use up those old egg cartons to get your toddler to make these cute spring bugs! You’ll just need a few craft essentials to get started. 

Unicorn Flower Pot Activity

How about getting your toddler busy with a fun activity that also doubles up as a useful home item? This one’s just that, and perfect for gardening enthusiasts. 

Thumbprint Bugs Craft

Got a kiddo who loves finger painting? This thumbprint bug craft activity is just right to try during springtime. 

Pressed Flower Leaves Craft Idea

Time to introduce your toddler to this fun activity- pressed flowers are so much fun to work with, and they end up looking so beautiful too. 

Super Fun Sheep Craft

Does your kiddo love playing with playdough and clay? He’ll totally enjoy working on this sheep craft activity too! 

Paper Plate Fingerprint Flower Craft

Time to use up those old paper plates and get your toddler to try some fingerprint painting too. This flower craft is perfect to try during the summer. 

Garden Seed Bombs

This one’s another excellent spring friendly activity you could get your toddler to try and get him interested in gardening and caring for plants. 

garden seed bombs

Spring Crafts for Preschoolers

This next collection of ideas are the perfect spring crafts for preschoolers or kindergarten kids. I’m a huge fan of bee crafts and making bugs. The grass cutting craft is a fun idea and we love rock painting and having fun with clay.

Fun Edible Apple Bugs

Whether it is Valentine’s Day or you’re just hunting for a spring activity for your toddler- these edible apple bugs are a great choice. 

Caterpillar Pom Pom Craft

How about a cute caterpillar inspired craft activity to keep your toddler busy? This one’s made using pom poms and a few other basic supplies. 

Spring Sun Catchers

And here’s a fun spring inspired craft you can get your toddler to try, not just during spring, but even when the weather outside is cold and dull. 

Kids Craft Grass Head Craft

Time to get your toddler to try a fun gardening activity that’s not just cute and fun to make, but inspires him to learn more about the plant world too. 

Preschool Bumble Bee Craft

Bee crafts are always a hit among growing kids, and this one uses paper cups, a few coloured construction paper sheets and some other craft basics. That’s it.

bumble bee

Rainbow Craft Activity

Help improve your toddler’s fine motor skills with this fun rainbow themed craft activity on a lazy afternoon! 

Clay Nature Faces

Spring is the perfect time to get outdoors, and this fun activity will inspire your kid to do just that! 

Paper Butterfly Fun

There’s tons of things you can do with paper, and if you’re hunting for a spring inspired craft activity, this butterfly paper craft is just the right one to try. 

Imaginary Fruit Stone Craft

Get your kid to learn more about fruits, and still enjoy a fun filled activity while he’s at it. This stone craft project is perfect for springtime. 

Gecko Spring Rock Stone Project

Rock painting is another excellent activity you can get your toddler to try out, and this one’s gecko themed! 

gecko rock stone art for kids

More Spring Crafts for Toddlers and Older Kids

Here are some more spring crafts for toddlers and older kids. I’m sure kids would love making their own fruit stones. fingerprint flowers and having fun creating spring themed handprint art.

Easy Sprout Heads

Here’s a fun and easy activity you can get your toddler to try during the spring, and also encourage him to learn more about plants and plant life. 

Spring Hand Print Art

Love getting your toddler to try hand painting activities? This spring themed one is an excellent choice. 

Fingerprint Flowers

Here’s an unbeatable combination of finger painting and popsicle craft that’s spring themed. You definitely want your toddler to try this out! 

Easy Fun Caterpillar Craft

Spring is the perfect time to get your kiddo to try some caterpillar crafts, and this one’s a super exciting project to get him to try! 

Rainbow Spin Art Flowers

Does your toddler love painting? These rainbow flowers can make for a great project for him to try during the spring!

Drip Painting Flowers

And here’s another fun painting technique you’d definitely want your toddler to try during the spring!

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Easy Spring Crafts For Kids

Angela Milnes is a Qualified Early Years Teacher who has specialised in Preschool and Kindergarten teaching. She has a wealth of experience teaching young children and is passionate about kids crafts and having fun as a family. Angela has also taught cooking skills and loves to share both family recipes and easy crafts here on The Inspiration Edit. Follow her on Pinterest!

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