51 Amazing Preschool Bug Crafts

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Preschool bug crafts were something I loved to make with the kids as a Kindergarten teacher. 

We love all types of crafts on The Inspiration Edit and I absolutely love insect and bug crafts. They are so fun to make and today we have some simple and easy to make bug crafts for toddlers and older kids which are absolutely brilliant.

I’ve searched the internet for the very best preschool bug crafts. If you don’t find a bug craft here that the kids love I will be shocked. There are so many fantastic preschool ideas here.


51 Preschool Bug Crafts Kids Will Love

insects and bugs crafts

Whether its using wooden pegs, toilet tubes or painting on paper here are 51 fabulous ideas you will love. We will begin with our very own bumble bee craft! We hope you love it!


Easy Preschool Bug Crafts

I hope you love this selection of bug craft ideas. I’d love to know what you like the most?

Bumble Bee Popsicle Sticks

Did you know you could actually get your toddler to learn more about bumblebees through a fun and inspiring project that uses just popsicle sticks? Well, this is the one!

Toilet Tube Bug Crafts

These fantastic toilet tube crafts are fantastic for spring and great insect craft ideas for the kids to make.

Cardboard Tube MiniBeasts

Turn those empty toilet paper rolls into cute little insects and teach your toddler all about them. This fun project teaches you how to do just that. 

Circuit Bugs

An excellent way to explore and learn about electric circuits, this project is perfect to engage the young minds and help them learn about insects. 

Cardboard Tube Bee

Time for another interesting bee themed project that you could get your toddler to try! You’ll need just a few cardboard tubes and some other craft essentials.

Egg Carton Firefly Craft

Teaching your toddler about bugs and insects? How about using egg cartons and transforming them into fireflies? This one teaches you how to do just that. 

Rainbow Butterfly Cork Crafts

Time to turn those extra corks into a fun and inspiring craft project for your kiddo! Here’s the perfect one to get started on. 

Paper Bag Love Bug Craft

And here’s another fun and interesting insect themed activity to get your toddler to try out! You’ll just need some paper bags and a few other basics.

Super Cute and Easy Bug Crafts

We are fans of cute and easy bug crafts. How about you? Check out the easy ladybug card or maybe try making some peg butterflies. You will love these fun spring craft ideas.

Clay Craft Tic Tac Toe

Got a kiddo who loves working with clay? Why not get him to team that up with this fun insect themed tic tac toe activity? 

Stained Glass Butterfly Art

Water color projects are a great activity to get your toddler engrossed in, and this one’s inspired by the famous book ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar.’

Egg Carton Ladybug Craft

Use up those extra egg cartons and get your toddler to turn them into these cute little ladybugs! 

LadyBug Thankyou Teacher Card

Get your toddler to create a fun Thank You card for his favorite teacher as a token of love. This easy project is ladybug themed- perfect if you’re already teaching him about insects. 

Spring Themed Playdough Mats

Perfect for kids who love using playdough, this spring themed activity is again an excellent project to try! Plus, you’ve got free printables to get started too.

Preschool Bug Crafts

More Fun Bug and Insect Crafts for Preschoolers

Insect crafts can be super fun and a great way to get kids practicing their fine motor skills. You can make so many easy and fun bugs from different materials and the fun is never ending.

Bug Buddies Finger Puppets

These easy to make bug themed finger puppets will keep your toddler busy and happy, and make for an excellent addition to his pretend play ventures too! 

Walnut Bugs

And here’s another best out of waste inspired craft activity for your toddler. These bugs can be crafted using empty walnut shells. 

Butterfly Snack Bags

How about a craft project to get your kiddo involved in, that also doubles up as a treat for your kiddo? Give this one a try! 

Cardboard Tube Grasshopper

And here’s another fun way to put extra cardboard tubes to use! Get your toddler to transform them into these cute grasshoppers! 

Ladybug SunCatcher

Suncatchers are always so much fun to make, and this one, inspired by ladybugs, is the perfect one to try when you’re teaching your kiddo about insects. 

Pine Cone Spider Craft

Want to inspire your kid to spend more time outdoors? Do it and have him grab a couple of pine cones which he can then use for this awesome spider themed project.

Firefly Print Bug Jar

Does your kiddo love finger painting? Get him to try this fun filled bug themed activity when he complains of being bored. 

Polystyrene Ball Caterpillar

And here’s another cute caterpillar themed craft that you can get your kiddo to try! You’ll just need a few basic craft essentials and polystyrene balls. 

Craft Stick Dragon Fly

Popsicle stick crafts are one of the most loved ones among toddlers and moms alike, and this dragonfly themed one is perfect to try out when you’re wondering what activity to get your kiddo involved in next.

51 Preschool Bug Craft kids Will Love

Super Fun Insect Craft Activities for Preschoolers

Butterfly crafts are super fun craft activities for kids. We have plenty of those here in The Inspiration Edit. We sure hope you enjoy this selection of insect ideas for the kids.

Printable Bug Finger Puppets

Perfect for kids who love coloring and are ready to discover all about the world of bugs, these easy printable finger puppets are worth a try! 

Butterfly Squish Art

A fun and colorful activity to engage your kids in, and at the same time, also a beautiful wall decor piece, this project is another must try for toddlers. 

Colourful Toddler Butterflies

You’d be surprised at how your kiddo can create something so beautiful using just some clothespin, a few q tips, a few sheets of paper and some paints!

Stick Leaf Butterfly

The perfect combination of an indoor craft activity and an outdoor scavenger hunt is what this butterfly themed project is! 

Egg Carton Bee Craft

Egg carton craft projects are always a win because they’re so easy to create, and this time, you can get your toddler to try this fun bee themed one! 

Construction Paper Ladybug On A Leaf

Using just a few sheets of construction paper, you can get your kid to create this amazing looking ladybug on a leaf!

Simple Insect Crafts for Preschoolers

Sometimes simple bug crafts are the most fun. I think easy and simple can make it easier for little ones to focus and concentrate and this encourages having fun whilst taking part in these fun spring activities.

Spring Butterflies

Time to get your toddler to turn those empty toilet rolls into these beautiful butterflies momma! This is one easy craft you’ll absolutely love. 

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Leaf Craft

With free printable leaves, this craft activity for kids is inspired by the famous ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’

Kids Ant Craft

Time to inspire your kiddo to learn more about ants! Do it with this easy craft activity that hardly needs any supervision!

51 Preschool Bug Craft kids Will Love

Watercolor Butterfly Wreaths

Got a kiddo who loves to paint? Get out the watercolors and help him with this inspiring and fun activity! 

Bug Themed Printable Pom Pom Mats

Time to put those pom poms to use! Use these free bug themed printables and get your kiddo involved in this fun activity! 

DIY Butterfly Peg Dolls

Perfect as a toy or gift, this Monarch butterfly themed project is another fun project you could get your toddler to try his hands at!

Bottle Top Bugs Minibeasts

Don’t throw those bottle caps away. Save them up and use them to get your toddler to create these cute little bugs as a part of a craft activity. 

Pipe Cleaner Snail Craft

You’ll be surprised at how you can get your toddler to create these cute little snails as a craft project using just extra pipe cleaner and a few other essentials. 

Coffee Filter Ladybug Crafts

Looking for a frugal and fun bug themed craft to get your kiddo engrossed in? Get him to make these cute ladybugs using just coffee filters!

Paper Ladybug Craft

Paper crafts are so much fun and convenient for busy moms too, and if you’re hunting for a bug themed one, this one can be a great pick. 

Garden Butterfly Craft

And here’s another excellent way to encourage your kiddo to get outdoors. Get him to try this excellent butterfly themed activity to spice up the garden wall or fence. 

Egg Carton Caterpillars

Can’t get enough of egg carton crafts? This easy caterpillar themed one is another great pick to engage your kiddo in. 

51 Preschool Bug Craft kids Will Love

Sponge Stamped Ladybugs

Got a few extra sponges? Use them to get your toddler to try out this fun stamping activity that’s ladybug themed! 

Snail Fine Motor Craft

Got a kiddo who loves stickers? This fine motor craft activity is a great pick for toddlers, and is snail themed too! 

Spin Art Spiders

Time to put your salad spinner to some good use momma! Use it to get your toddler to try out this interesting and creepy spider themed craft project.

insects and bug crafts

Fireflies Eric Carle Craft

Did your little one enjoy reading the book ‘The Very Lonely Firefly’? Inspired by it, get him to try out this inspiring and exciting art activity! 

Conker Caterpillars

And here’s another nature themed activity you could get your kiddo to try out! Using conkers that you and your toddler picked up to turn them into caterpillars! Cool! 

Toilet Paper Roll Dragon Fly

And here’s another toilet paper roll activity your toddler will love! Get him to learn more about dragonflies and even make them! 

insects and bug crafts

Watercolor Stencil Butterflies

Have some bug themed stencils lying around? Get the watercolors out and let your toddler paint them and explore and nurture his creative side. 

Easy Crepe Paper Butterfly 

And here’s another butterfly themed craft your kiddo will love! This one just needs some colored crepe paper and pipe cleaners. Your toddler will absolutely love it. 

Bee Corner Bookmarks

Raising a reader? Get him to take it up a notch with this corner bookmark that’s bee themed! It takes just a few minutes to create.

Preschool Bug Crafts

Rainbow Caterpillar Butterfly

Colorful buttons, a popsicle stick and some basic essentials- that’s all you really need to get your toddler to try out this fun caterpillar themed activity! 

Firefly Craft

And here’s another way to put those paper towel rolls to use! Get your kiddo to try this firefly themed craft and put his creative spin on it. 

DIY Button Ladybugs

Perfect as a bookmark or to play with and do so much! You can get your toddler to create these fun and super useful ladybugs using just clothespin, some buttons and paints.

Preschool Bug Crafts


Preschool Bug Crafts

Angela Milnes is a Qualified Early Years Teacher who has specialised in Preschool and Kindergarten teaching. She has a wealth of experience teaching young children and is passionate about kids crafts and having fun as a family. Angela has also taught cooking skills and loves to share both family recipes and easy crafts here on The Inspiration Edit. Follow her on Pinterest!

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