50 Shades of Rock Painting You Can Paint

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Have you heard of Kindness rocks or the Kindness rock painting movement. It’s all about painting rocks and hiding them in wonderful places for others to find and I think it’s a fantastic idea. In fact my daughter and I are going to be hiding some of our rocks near her school for kids to find. It’s going to be super fun.

50 Rock Painting Ideas You Can Paint

Today we have a wonderful collection of rock stones to share. We have contributions from different parts of the world, from the UK, to Texas, to Florida and beyond. I hope you love this collection and you find some inspirational ideas for your kindness rocks. I’d like to thanks all the lovely ladies who have contributed to the success of this post. Your art is amazing!

Angela x

Got a little one who’s obsessed with cats? This fun cat themed rock art is a great one to get him to try!


-Valerie, Founder & Coordinator of “Chandler AZ Rocks, AZ.

Whether it is post a visit to the zoo or just when you’re teaching your kiddo about zoo animals, this art activity is an excellent one to try!

zoo animal rock stones art

-Deidra, from Rodeorocks group (Rodeo, CA)

And here’s some fun inspiration for all the Moana fans out there!

– Melissa Dougherty, Virginia Beach, Va.

Fun, quirky and super easy to make- this is yet another excellent art project to get your little one to try!

artist rock stone painting

-Deidra, from Rodeorocks group (Rodeo, CA)

And for the momma who’s teaching her kiddo about sea and ocean animals, this whale themed rock painting project could an excellent choice

-Angela Milnes, The Inspiration Edit

Positivity rocks are meant to inspire random people who find them, and if you’re teaching your kiddo about gratefulness, this could be the perfect project to try!

And of course, no art project list is complete without something that’s Halloween themed! These cute rocks are actually super easy to make too!

-Shannon K’s rocks

Angela Milnes – The Inspiration Edit

Time to introduce your kiddo to the king of the jungle! This lion rock painting activity makes it even more fun.

-Valerie, Founder &Coordinator of “Chandler AZ Rocks, AZ.

Raising a Dr Who fan? This Tardis rock painting project is an excellent one to try out!


-Deidra, from Rodeorocks group (Rodeo, CA)

Incredibly easy and loads of fun to make, this cat themed rock painting project is another fun option for your little one to try out!

-Sue, from Brevard Rocks Palm Bay Florida

And here’s something a bit different for your little painting enthusiast to try!

-Angela, Springfield, Missouri

Teaching your toddler about the life cycle of the butterfly? This butterfly themed project will help you finish it up on a good note.

Angela Milnes – The Inspiration Edit

Teaching your kiddo about frogs and their life cycle? Or just introducing them to him? This frog on a rock activity can be a great start to it!

-Christa Serpa, Colorado Springs

And here’s yet another positivity themed art project to get your kiddo involved in.

-Karla Stewart, Special Ed Teacher

And here’s a little something for all the dog lovers out there. Best of all, you’ll need just 2 basic paint colors for your kiddo to try it!

– Melissa Dougherty, Virginia Beach, Va.

And if you’re hunting for some inspiration for another rock painting project to get your kiddo to try, this is a fun one to consider. 

-Shannon K’s rocks

Teaching your toddler about owls? Team it up with this fun stone painting activity and you’re sorted.

Angela Milnes – The Inspiration Edit

And if it’s different places and locations on your mind, get your kiddo to try this Amsterdam clog themed activity!

amsterdam clog rock stone

-Deidra, from Rodeorocks group (Rodeo, CA)

All of us need a little motivation sometimes, and getting your kiddo to try this fun activity can be a great way to do just that and more.

-Jennifer Kuemerle Lowery, Dover, Ohio

And here’s something for your little Super Mario fan! A cute and fun stone painting activity.

-Angela, Springfield, Missouri

Improve your kiddo’s emotional intelligence and help him develop the qualities of love and peace at this early age itself! Take the help of this fun painting activity to do just that.

-Shannon K’s rocks

And here’s a funky touch on the mighty elephant that you can get your little one to replicate.

elephant rock painting

-Deidra, from Rodeorocks group (Rodeo, CA)

The next time you find your kiddo bored, get him to try this fun stone painting activity that’s bound to keep him busy for a while.

-Angela, Springfield, Missouri

And for someone who’s obsessed with dream catchers, here’s a themed stone art project to try out!

-Valarie Skusa, Valencia California, So Cal Rocks Facebook Group #SCR

Educating your kiddo to these long necked creatures? This inspiring rock art project is a must try. giraffe rock painting

-Vicki Callicut, Texas

yellow school bus rock painting

And here’s a fun project for all the Yellow School Bus fans out there! 

-Deidra, from Rodeorocks group (Rodeo, CA)

Super duper easy and so much fun to make, this shark stone painting activity can be a great way to introduce your toddler to these sea creatures.

Angela Milnes – The Inspiration Edit

And here’s something for all the Danger Mouse fans out there! A fun rock painting activity you just can’t go wrong with.

-Esme Marshwitch, UK

Teaching your kiddo about different professions? This medic themed stone painting activity is a great project to get him involved in.

Henry Odom- North Carolina

Looking for something simple yet fun to keep your kiddo busy? This colorful rock painting activity is an great choice.

rainbow feather rock painting

-Myrl Jarvis, Oklahoma.

Inspire your kiddo to create a fun token of love for his best friend! This friendship themed rock painting activity does just that!

-Angela, Springfield, Missouri

Got a little one who’s curious about aliens and UFOs? This rock painting project could be a good choice for him to get engaged in.

Alien in a flying saucer rock stone

-Valerie, Founder & Coordinator of “Chandler AZ Rocks, AZ.

Perfect for Saint Patrick’s Day and for when you’re teaching him about the holiday, this leprechaun rock painting project is a good choice.

Angela Milnes – The Inspiration Edit

And here’s a fun twist on the simple and classic farm animal- they wear ties! Get your kiddo to try his hands on this quirky art project.

-Valerie, Founder & Coordinator of “Chandler AZ Rocks, AZ.

Bright, colorful and so much fun to make- here’s another no-fail project to get your kiddo involved in.

-Shannon K’s rocks

And here’s another good choice for you if your kiddo is a cat lover! These happy cats are so much fun to create.

happy cats rock stone art

-Valerie, Founder & Coordinator of “Chandler AZ Rocks, AZ.

And here’s another animal you can introduce your toddler to through an art project- a squirrel!

squirrel rock stone painting

-Christa Serpa, Colorado Springs

Turn that gray elephant into something a little more fun momma! Get your little toddler to try his hands on this colorful elephant themed rock art!

-Myrl Jarvis, Oklahoma.

And for all Dr Seuss fans out there, here’s a Cat in the Hat themed stone painting project to try!

Angela Milnes – The Inspiration Edit

From snails to spiders- these creepy crawlies are fun to paint on rocks, and that’s what you can get your toddler engrossed him when he complains of being bored.

-Valerie, Founder & Coordinator of “Chandler AZ Rocks, AZ.

Dog lovers will have a super crazy time replicating this easy rock art activity!

dog pals rock painting

-Vicki Calicutt, Texas

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50 shades of rock painting

Angela Milnes is a Qualified Early Years Teacher who has specialised in Preschool and Kindergarten teaching. She has a wealth of experience teaching young children and is passionate about kids crafts and having fun as a family. Angela has also taught cooking skills and loves to share both family recipes and easy crafts here on The Inspiration Edit. Follow her on Pinterest!

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  1. We have a huge rock in our garden and I’ve been wondering what to do with it and now I know. I love this idea of hiding them for others it’s a bit like that geocaching

  2. This is so beautiful! Rock painting has recently caught up in my town where we have to find a rock, paint it then hide it for someone else to find it. We now love heading for walks just to find some cool stones.

  3. My daughter loves painting rocks, we have loads scattered around the house. She actually got a really nice rock painting kit for Christmas x

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