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Space rocket pencil toppers. 

Here is a step by step tutorial for super cute and easy space rocket DIY pencil toppers. These are not only fantastic pencil toppers for kids to make but this rocket ship craft is a great way to get little ones interested in writing, mark making and drawing. 

As an early years teacher, I found pencil toppers to be super useful as they would spark the interest of young children and encourage literacy and writing. I’m sure your little ones will love this rocket craft idea. We sure do! 

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What Is A Pencil Topper? 

A pencil topper is a fun felt or paper creation that kids add to the top of their pencils to make writing a little more interesting. You can make pencil toppers in any theme and they work well as gift idea or party favour

Pencil toppers similar to bookmarks are great easy to make items which can really encourage children to use their pencils more and develop those fine motor skills required for improvement of hand, finger and  eye co-ordination. 

Supplies Needed For This Rocket Ship Craft


Step -1:

Select felt fabrics for the rocket pen topper craft and also prepare the template patterns by printing and cutting them out nicely. Trace the patterns on the selected felts and cut them out. 

Step -2:

Take the 2 round felts and the bullet shaped felt cutout.

Step – 3:

Prepare needle and thread with colour matched with the round felts. Stitch the round felts on the bullet pattern in a column. I did simple running stitch to attach them.

Step – 4:

Take the triangular felt and any one of the flame cutouts. Place the triangle felt on the top end of the bullet pattern and place the flame cutout on the bottom, back side of the bullet pattern, making sure to overlap about a cm of both patterns to stitch along.

Step – 5:

Do running stitch along the overlapped part of the bullet and the flame to attach them together. This is the front side of the rocket pen topper.

Step – 6:

Take the other bullet shaped felt (with square patterns on both sides) and the other flame cutout. Place the flame cutout on the bottom, back side of the bullet shaped felt. Make sure to overlap about a cm of both patterns

Step – 7:

Prepare needle and thread. Do running stitch along the overlapped part to attach them together. 

Step – 8:

Now place the front part felt over the felt pattern prepared in the previous step (step 7). Stitch around the sides to join both bullet shaped felts together.

Step – 9:

Only stitch around the sides but keep the bottom end free.

Step – 10:

Tie a knot and cut off extra thread when the stitching is over. Insert the pen through the open end of the felt rocket.

Your space rocket pencil topper is now ready. 

Don’t forget to download your free space rocket template here! 

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