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If your looking for fantastic DIY Planter ideas then you will love this fantastic recycled bottle planter. This lovely Unicorn planter is a fabulous recycled craft project and one I’m sure the kids will love to make. 

Are you a fan of recycled craft ideas? We sure are and we have plenty of crafts you can make here on The Inspiration Edit using recycled materials. Check out our recycled bug badges! You’ll love them! 

Whether your making homemade flower planters or your making a planter to grow fresh herbs, here is a fantastic bottle recycling idea you will love! 

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List of Supplies For Your Bottle Recycling Unicorn Planter

Homemade Planter Ideas – Bottle Recycling Unicorn Planter!

Wash, clean and dry inside of the plastic bottle. Bottle recycling is such a good thing to do and using empty bottles to grow plants or herbs is great for the environment. 

Step -1:

Use a temporary marker pen to draw your unicorn shape on the bottle.

Keeping the bottom side of the bottle intact and leaving the determined height of the unicorn planter (from the bottom), trace the ears and horn layout on the top side. 

Step -2:

Cut out the bottom along the traced pattern. 

Step – 3:

Use white acrylic paint to paint your cutout bottle unicorn. Allow the paint to dry entirely. 

Step – 4:

Apply a second coat of white paint if needed. Allow the paint to dry again.

Step – 5: 

Trace and cut out the unicorn horn from golden glitter paper.

You can use black acrylic paint to draw the eyes on the bottle or you can also draw the eyes on a paper and cut them out. 

Step – 6:

Attach the unicorn horn onto the bottle.

If you’re using paper eye cutouts, glue them below the horn, keeping at least 2 cm gap between the eyes and the horn. 

Step – 7:

Cut out some flower patterns from coloured craft paper.

Step – 8: 

Attach the flower cutouts along the top open side of the unicorn, right below the unicorn horn and ears.

Your bottle recycling planter should now be ready! 

Now you can add some soil and seed and begin to grow your plant!

You may want to grow herbs! We have a great tutorial on how to grow fresh herbs you may love! Growing herbs is really simple and easy and is something the kids could get involved in. 

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