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Did you know that spending a day at the beach alleviates stress? Not only does it alleviate stress in adults, but it alleviates stress in kids too. If you can’t make it out to the beach, you can bring the calming effects of the beach to you with this sand craft. 

Sand Craft

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Why This Summer Craft Is Relaxing

The simple act of touching sand makes people fell all fuzzy. This sensation of putting your hands or feet in the sand causes people to relax. So, even if you can’t make it to the beach, you can still experience the relaxing, placebo effect of the beach just by playing in the sand. This is the reason, you and your children will find this craft relaxing. 

Additionally, sandboxes are used in classrooms and resource rooms as a sensory station. Sensory stations are used many times, to help a child destress, calm down, and take a break from stressful classroom tasks. We already know these kinds of activities can put kids in a relaxing mood and make the day run smoother. 

So, you might as well use this technique at home with this beach bucket and shovel craft using real sand. 

Sand Craft Supplies

Most people don’t have real sand lying around their house, but you can get some delivered to you right from Amazon! Click the link below! 

Sand Craft Instructions

Download and print out the beach bucket template. Cut out and set aside.

Coat the inner part of the bucket with white school glue and cover it in the sand.

Once dry, shake off the excess sand.

Glue the pieces together using a glue stick or white school glue.

Sand Craft

Other Relaxing Summer Crafts to Try

In addition to this sand craft, crafts, in general, can bring on a relaxing effect. Check out some of our other crafts you can do with your kids at home, below!

Sand Craft

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Bucket Printable

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