DIY Unicorn Treats Perfect for Parties

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DIY Unicorn Treats Perfect For Parties

Unicorn treats can be really fun to make. Today we have some super cute and tasty Unicorn Pretzel rods which I think would go down a treat at any Unicorn party, or even a baby shower or birthday party.

These Unicorn pretzels are easy and simple to make and I’m sure you will love them. Enjoy.

Unicorn Pretzels

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What You Need to Make These Unicorn Treats

Unicorn Pretzels

Wilton 1911-1300 Candy Melts, Bright WhiteWilton 1911-1300 Candy Melts, Bright WhiteWilton 1911-9424 Turquoise Candy Melts CandyWilton 1911-9424 Turquoise Candy Melts CandyWilton 1911-424 Candy Melts, 12-Ounce, Bright PinkWilton 1911-424 Candy Melts, 12-Ounce, Bright Pink

How to Make Unicorn Treats

Line a large baking sheet with parchment paper.
Pour each color of candy melts into a separate microwave-safe dish.
Heat one dish at a time in 30 second increments, stirring until melted.
Repeat the melting process with the other candy melts. Dip each pretzel into the melted white chocolate coating half of it.
unicorn Pretzels

Place the pretzel rod on the parchment paper and repeat with other pretzel rods.

Once all the pretzels are dipped, fill each small sandwich baggie – one with pink chocolate, the other with teal chocolate.

Snip the corner of each baggie and gently squeeze and drizzle over the pretzel rods.

unicorn Pretzels

Let the chocolate set.

unicorn Pretzels

Once the chocolate has set, dip the small brush into the pearl dust and gently brush onto the melted chocolate making it shine.

Unicorn Pretzels
*If the melted chocolate begins to thicken while you are dipping the pretzel rods in the white chocolate simply microwave for another 30 seconds to re-melt.
Unicorn Pretzels
Unicorn Pretzels
These are such a tasty treat. I’m sure you will love them! Who doesn’t love Unicorn and chocolate?
Unicorn Pretzels
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  1. These Unicorn Pretzel Treats are super adorable…almost too good to eat! What a perfect treat for a unicorn party! Thanks for the great step-by-step instructions too.

  2. These are so cute! I love that they seem easy to make for someone like me who’s not good at baking/crafts.

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