Activities That Your Kids Will Enjoy

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Activities That Your Kids Will Enjoy

There’s nothing better than seeing your child doing something they love. As they grow, they’ll probably move from one activity to another or find something that they’re so passionate about, that they either continue on into their adult life or do as a full-time job.

Whether it’s something to do outside of school time during the week or you need some inspiration for activities to do during school holidays, here are some activities that your kids will enjoy.

activities your kids will enjoy

Horse Riding

A lot of children will not likely get the experience of riding a horse until they’re older, and some miss out on the opportunity completely.

Horses are truly magnificent animals, and they have been actively involved in society for hundreds of years. For young children, there are pony lessons which are a great starting point in learning to ride for the first time.

As kids get older, they can then move onto horse riding. It can be a very rewarding experience to take horse riding lessons but to also be taught how to look after horses in terms of their grooming and various needs.

Horse riding teaches children the skills needed if they should ever want to own horses themselves one day. If you’re planning on getting a horse for your child, make sure you do your research and shop online horse supplies so you have everything you need.


Football is, of course, a very popular sport here in the UK and it’s something that’s also loved and watched around the world. Like all sports, it’s a good way of encouraging your child to work with others as a team.

Whether they win or not isn’t that important, it’s more so the team spirit that they’ll learn about and take with them and hopefully adapt to whatever they do in life.

It’s also a great way of showing kids discipline because football like other sports, Rugby, for example, requires a lot of energy and high fitness levels.

It’s something that requires a lot of training, and it can be a hobby as well as a full-time career.


Being able to cook is a life skill that can come very much in handy throughout life. However, sometimes children can grow up having never done much baking in the home and therefore their first encounter may be in high school.

Even then, they’re usually taught very little and being able to cook meals or bake a cake can be quite difficult for someone who has no experience.

Baking is not only a great activity to do at home, but it’s also good for building relationships between you and your child. It provides practical experience and shows them that trial and error is sometimes needed in life before its successful.

Keep things fairly simple, making cupcakes or perhaps pizzas from scratch.

Encourage your children to stick to a recipe but also to experiment where necessary. Trust them with certain responsibilities and don’t forget to gently warn them about the potential hazards within the kitchen.


Take a Trip by Train

Often enough if you own a car, it’s easier to drive to and from work, school or when going on holiday. But going on a train is maybe something that a child will miss out on.

If you’re lucky, there are still a few steam trains in operation, and it’s a great way of showing your children the history of trains and to give them a unique experience that future generations may not be able to have if they cease to exist completely.

Travelling by a modern train though can still be a unique experience, particularly with young children who will be amazed at watching the world go by at such impressive speed.

So take a day trip to a local area or plan a weekend getaway where you take the trip via train than flying or taking the car.

Get Artsy

Giving your children some creative skills can have a beneficial impact, regardless of what careers they have further down the line. Creativity helps to think outside the box, it adds confidence and gives them a unique perspective on life. So getting arts into your children’s lives is a must.

That might be buying some art supplies and taking the afternoon to draw, colour and paint some artwork.

It’s also a great way of bonding with your child. Being creative can also be found in drama, and amateur companies will likely exist in your local area.

They’ll probably have pantomimes, plays and musicals on offer and it can be great to get your little ones involved in some singing and dancing.

Drama classes certainly help build self-confidence which can be applied to a lot of things later on in life.

art with kids

Go Nature Hunting

It’s important to encourage your children to respect and appreciate the world we live in. And even more so, how nature is essential in life for the earth to continue it’s existence.

So get out into the garden or pop down to your local park and help your kids to find all the local wildlife from creepy crawlies to larger animals that roam forests or fly high above the ground.

Even if your knowledge of wildlife is a little limited, it can be a great opportunity for you to learn together.

It’s good to show your children how to interact with bugs and animals and how to handle them both with care but sometimes with caution if its something that can harm you.

nature for kids

There are so many fun activities that you can offer your child to do alone, with friends or as a household.

Try them out with horse riding and involve them with nature and the wildlife around them.

Bring out their creative side with arts and crafts afternoons in the home or through drama classes.

Let them go wild in the kitchen with baking or find them a sport, like football, which they’ll love.

Don’t forget to explore too and a trip on a train is certainly worth doing.

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