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Christmas Cheer With Grandma and Grandpa

Yesterday we spent Christmas Day with my mum and dad. Spending time with my parents is a real blessing. You see my parents usually live in New Zealand and Christmas 2016 was our first Christmas together since 2010.


I’m so pleased we had an opportunity to spend Christmas day with my mum and dad. I’m not sure when or if we will ever do this again. I sure hope so but it could be many years in the future. We had a lovely day and had a Christmas dinner at my uncles home.

Sylvia got plenty of fabulous toys including the Torch Dragon and the Disney Moana figures. She was so super excited and had a fantastic time playing with her new things.

I wanted to share some pictures and record this day as it was a special moment in our lives and something to remember and cherish. Time with family is precious and sometimes we don’t realise what we have until it’s gone or not easily accessible.

I got some lovely gifts myself. John bought me some boots and a bag for carrying my medications. I got socks and foot cream from my grandparents, A unicorn bag and cup from my blogging secret Santa and a few lovely stationery items. I also got the Hairy Bikers recipe book which looks fab.

We had a lovely day and now Christmas is over we are going to enjoy the rest of the year. Sylvia will be playing with her toys for the next week. My parents are coming to stay with us in Lancashire and I will be working with John to finish setting up our home as we moved a few weeks ago and it’s taken a while to try and get organised.

I’ll be back in January unless I have anything I’d like to share before that point.

Angela x

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