Every Child Is Gifted

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So, this week after two weeks back at school, my daughter has started bringing homework back again. Sylvia is doing well at school. She has different talents in different subjects and in some areas that she struggled she has caught up and now there are new areas for us to work on.

My daughter is so so different to me when I was growing up. I was a tomboy. I loved bikes, cars and climbing. Sylvia loves swimming, dance, singing and playing with dolls. She is a girly girl. I was totally not.

Each of us is individuals and unique and I think that’s great. We also blossom in different areas at different times and that’s great too! This week I wanted to share a fantastic quote recognising the unique nature of children.

Children really are special and they all have different talents, strengths and abilities. As an early years teacher, I taught many different kinds. As a new teacher who was not at the time a mother, I remember helping young children through the toilet training stage. It was frustrating and difficult and I remember just how hard it was with some children.

However, by the end of the year, those who were behind and those who were ahead were all on an equal level playing field. All the kids were toilet trained and the hard work had been worth it. I learnt not to push a toddler or young child to move to the next stage but to be patient and let them go at their own pace.

In the end, they all catch up but they do as described in the quote, do things in their own time.

Angela x

About Angela Milnes

Angela Milnes is a Qualified Early Years Teacher who has specialised in Preschool and Kindergarten teaching. She has a wealth of experience teaching young children and is passionate about kids crafts and having fun as a family. Angela has also taught cooking skills and loves to share both family recipes and easy instant pot recipes here on The Inspiration Edit. Follow her on Pinterest!

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  1. That is a great quote! I love it! Its a great way of understanding our kids and helping them understand themselves when they start to compare themselves to others. My youngest does this sometimes. Thanks for sharing! Visiting from #candidcuddles

  2. So beautiful Angela! I think we as parents sometimes forget to step back and look at how amazing their little gift is because we have dreams for them. I know I do at times. I am trying to be better though! Thanks for sharing! #candidcuddles

  3. That’s a great quote! I find it fascinating watching my children grow up, and seeing how similar they are in some ways but so different in others. They definitely have different gifts and skills, each wonderful in their own way! x #candidcuddles

    1. Yes, I was so different to my sister and we both had our won talents growing up. I’d love to have more kids one day and see how different they can all be. Angela x

  4. Angela, you are a wise momma, each child has their own wants, needs, hobbies, interest and ways to feel love, you are wise to see the difference and give them each what they need and support them in the way they need supported!

  5. I wasn’t much of a girlie girl growing up either. You are right, each child is unique. I have to confess to chuckling when I read you accidently pushed the post too soon. I’m always concerned I’ll do that!!

    1. Thanks Rosie. It is true. I tried to always remember this when I was an early years teacher and it is a good reminder for me as a mother too!

  6. This is such a great quote and really applies to my girl. She’s the youngest in her year at school. Some of the kids are nearly a year older than her but she always seems to catch up eventually 😀

  7. what a lovely quote – I’ve never heard that one before but it rings true! The hard part is sitting back waiting for it to be unwrapped and not to push for it to happen sooner!

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