10 Space Activities Kids Will Love

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Exploring and learning about space is a great way to engage both parents and kids! With so much knowledge available on the wonders of our universe, it can be difficult to know where to begin. Here, we have gathered a list of ten engaging space activities for parents, teachers and kids alike.

Whether your child is daydreaming their way through an astronaut career or simply wants to learn more about galaxies far away, these hands-on activities will help you take them on an out-of-this-world journey! Ready for blast off? Let’s go!

Moon Dust Writing Tray

This first-space activity is a great way to get kids excited about writing! Start by filling a tray with “moon dust” (white sugar or flour), then provide some practice worksheets and a writing utensil. As the kids write, their letters will appear in the moon dust just like they would on the moon!

Learn about this Moon Dust Writing Tray with Stir the Wonder.

Space Tic Tac Toe

This activity is perfect for a quiet day inside! Create ‘astronauts’ and aliens instead of the Xs and Os. To make it even more out-of-this-world, use star stickers or planets instead of playing pieces. Make sure you keep score, as the first team to three in a row wins!

Learn how to make this Printable Alien vs Astronaut Tic Tac Toe Game at Rainy Day Mum

Lego Space Challenges

Lego challenges are great for kids of all ages! Use Lego pieces to have the children build spaceships, rockets and more. Challenge them to come up with the most creative designs or see how many they can build using only a certain colour.

Learn how to make Lego Space Challenges at Little Bins For Little Hands.

Space Lacing Cards

Space lacing cards are a wonderful way to help young children practice fine motor skills and learn about space at the same time. Print off your favourite space-themed images, then use hole punches to make small holes around the edge of each card. Finally, provide some thick string or yarn for the kids to lace in and out of the holes as they go!

Learn how to make Space Lacing Cards at Living Life and Learning

Solar System Sensory Bottle

This next activity is both fun and educational! Start by filling a clear bottle with blue water. Next, add in some glittery stars, moon rocks, spaceship figures and other space items to represent the planets of our solar system. Finally, give your kids a chance to shake it up and watch as the planets move around the sun!

Learn how to make a Solar System Sensory Bottle with Inspiration Laboratories

Rocket Toilet Paper Roll Craft

This is a great activity for kids who love to get crafty. All you need is some paint, scissors and toilet paper rolls. Have the children decorate their rockets, cut them out and then attach the lollipop sticks as rocket boosters. Once they’re all done, let them blast off!

Learn how to make a Rocket Toilet Paper Roll Craft at Simple Everyday Mom.

Marbled Outer Space Art

This marbled art activity will give your kids a chance to explore their creative side! Start by blowing up a balloon, then dip it in black paint and cover the surface of some card stock. When you remove the balloon, beautiful outer space shapes should be left behind!

Learn how to make Marbled Outer Space Art at School Time Snippets.

Watercolour Solar System

This next activity is perfect for older kids who love art! Start by drawing the shapes of the planets onto some watercolour paper. Then, give your children a variety of paint colours to create their own unique solar system masterpiece!

Learn how to make this Watercolour Solar System at Simple Living Creative Learning.

Pipe Cleaner Constellations

This next activity is a great way to get your kids engaged in stargazing! Start by having them create their own constellations with pipe cleaners. Then, explain how the night sky works and let them map out their own star patterns on dark paper.

Learn how to make Pipe Cleaner Constellations Space STEM Activity at Steam Powered Family.

Space Measurement Activity

This is a great activity for older kids who are interested in astronomy! Start by creating space-themed objects out of playdough, then have the kids measure each item with rulers or other measuring tools. Afterwards, they can compare the measurements and learn how big things in space really are!

Learn how to make this Space Measurement Activity at Gift of Curiosity.

Space Activity Pack

Finally, why not put all these activities together in one fun space activity pack? Have the kids colour, draw and create their own out-of-this-world craft projects. Then, bundle it all up with some moon rocks, star stickers or planets and you’re good to go!

Learn how to make a Space Activity Pack at Simple Living Creative Learning.

Space Dramatic Play

This space-themed dramatic play activity is sure to interest kids of all ages! Gather some old kitchenware or toys and create an “astronaut station”.

Provide the kids with helmets, space boots, toy tools, a spaceship and more. Then, let them dress up and take off on their own out-of-this-world adventures

Learn more about Space Dramatic Play at Early Learning Ideas.

Enjoy Space Activities Today!

Spark your child’s imagination today with these fun, creative space activities! With a little help from parents and teachers, kids can explore the depths of our universe and learn more about science, technology and astronomy.

Happy exploring!

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