7 Things to Know About Tokyo Disneyland

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Tokyo Disneyland – What You Need To Know!

Are you planning on visiting Disneyland in Japan in the near future? Here are 7 Things you need to know about Tokyo Disneyland before you book your vacation. This Disney theme park is similar in experience as to the magic and characters you will meet in other Disneyland destinations.


There are also many differences that you might not be aware of while visiting here. While some of the rides have the same names, they have different characters and experiences than what you might experience in the States or at Disneyland Paris

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Here are 7 things to know about Disneyland Japan Tokyo.

1. Visiting Tokyo Disneyland


There are 2 Parks at Tokyo Japan Disneyland.

Disney has two theme parks in Tokyo, DisneySea and Disneyland, which are extremely popular tourist places to visit. Disneyland is catered more to smaller children, while DisneySea is geared towards older kids and adults.

DisneySea has more thrill rides, while Disneyland has smaller kiddie rides. Don’t get me wrong, both young and old will enjoy going to both Disney parks. 

2. Tokyo Disneyland Tickets

Get Your Disneyland Tickets Early.


Just like any of Disney’s other park locations, you should get your Tokyo Disneyland tickets early. This will save you extra time at the beginning of the day, so you can take advantage of more rides early before it gets overly-crowded.

3. Best Time to Visit Disneyland in Japan

The Busiest Days At The Japanese Disneyland.


No matter what Disney theme park you visit, whether in Tokyo or Orlando, there will be some similarities in the busiest times to visit Disney.

Weekends, summertime, and holidays are among the most crowded days of peak season on the Disneyland calendar. If you can, try and visit Disneyland on weekdays, or during the autumn or winter seasons when children are in school. 

4. Spending Money at Tokyo Japan Disneyland

Have Local Currency When Visiting The Disneyland Parks In Tokyo


At some of Disney’s locations, they do not accept American debit/credit cards. When you reach the airport, make sure you have extra yens converted over and on hand in order to eat at certain restaurants and stores. 

5. Disneyland Park Hopper

No Park-Hopper Passes

Disneyland in Tokyo does not offer the Park-Hopper passes like they do in the United States. Purchasing a ticket allows you to visit that one park for the entire day.

More than likely, this is your first visit to Tokyo anyway, and there are so many new things to experience. Just plan on visiting both parks on separate days for a better first visit.

5. Get the Google Translate App

While some workers at Disney speak a little English, many do not. Before you get there, download the Google Translate App. that is sure to come in handy throughout the trip.

6. Worried About the Language Barrier?

You might be insecure about not understanding their language and customs. Disneyland in Tokyo has maps, signs, and menus also in English so that you have nothing to worry about.


7. Tokyo Disneyland Food

Places to eat in Tokyo

While visiting Disney in Tokyo there will be many American and western foods. Make sure that you enjoy some traditional Japanese food and culture as well. You’d be surprised how delicious some of their foods can be.

For the kids, we totally get they would prefer an American cheeseburger. 

Here are a few tips on things you need to know when you go to Disneyland in Japan. If you’ve already been here before, what advice would you give the first-timer?

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Visiting Tokyo Disneyland

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