What Are the Health Benefits of Greek Yogurt?

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The popularity of Greek yogurt soared between 2005 and 2011, turning a $60 million business into a $1.5 billion success story. Nowadays, Greek yogurt sales account for 52 percent of the US yogurt market. 

But why is Greek yogurt better than other types of yogurt? Greek yogurt goes through an extra straining process to separate out the liquid whey. This gives it a thicker texture than other yogurts, as well as fewer carbs, less sugar, and more protein. 

Many prefer the tart taste and creaminess of Greek yogurt. But for many, the health benefits of Greek yogurt are the main sell. 

Want to find out what these Greek yogurt health benefits are? Let’s take a look…

benefits of greek yogurt

The Power of Protein

One of the most well-known Greek yogurt benefits is its high protein content. Protein is vital to support many functions of the body. These include building muscles, bones, cartilage, blood, hair, and skin, and repairing damaged tissue. 

Protein also helps the body transfer oxygen and other important substances across cell membranes. Ensuring that you get enough protein each day is crucial for your body’s fluid level balance, nervous and immune systems, and energy levels. 

As you age, you need to consume more protein to maintain muscle mass and fight off illness. Greek yogurt makes getting enough protein simple since it’s suitable for vegetarians as well as being super versatile, as shown by these delicious yogurt recipes

A Boost of Vitamin B-12

Another of the many benefits of Greek yogurt is that it contains vitamin B-12. Your body needs B-12 for DNA synthesis, healthy brain function, energy, and red blood cell development. 

Many people, and especially vegetarians find it hard to get enough B-12. This is because the common sources of this vitamin are animal-based products like meat, fish, and eggs. Consuming insufficient levels of B-12 on a regular basis can lead to weakness and fatigue, mouth ulcers, low mood, and mobility problems. 

Often people will supplement B-12 to avoid these deficiency symptoms. But Greek yogurt and it’s high B-12 content makes a great natural alternative to vitamin supplements. 

Balancing Potassium 

Greek yogurt is also a good source of potassium. Less than 2 percent of the US population meets the requirements for this vital mineral and electrolyte. Consuming insufficient levels of potassium won’t result in a deficiency. But, ensuring you get enough helps support many functions in the body, including nerve impulses, blood pressure, and digestion.

Potassium also helps offset any excess sodium in your body by encouraging you to pass it in your urine. Most Americans consume way too much sodium, so eating potassium-rich Greek yogurt is a great way to achieve the correct balance of sodium and potassium in your body’s fluid levels. 

Probiotics for Body and Mind

As with most types of yogurt, there’s little to no fiber in Greek yogurt. But, Greek yogurt is packed with probiotics. Like fiber, probiotics are vital for maintaining a healthy digestive system. 

Probiotics are microorganisms like yeast and bacteria that live in your intestines. These good bacteria help keep your gut healthy by offsetting any bad bacteria in your body. Too much bad bacteria can damage your immune system but probiotics can stop this from happening. 

But probiotics aren’t only beneficial to your digestive system. This boost of good bacteria also means that Greek yogurt benefits your mental health. 

A 2016 study showed that participants who consumed probiotics every day, either as a supplement or in yogurt, experienced less depression, stress, and anxiety than the control group. 

This effect is due to the relationship between the gut and the brain. Just as stress and anxiety can lead to stomach issues, your gut can send signals to your brain via neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin to help calm and balance your mind. 

Calcium Content

One of the many benefits of Greek yogurt is its high calcium content. A 7 oz serving provides around 20 percent of your daily recommended calcium

Calcium is crucial for bone health, strong muscles, and the function of your vital organs. Without enough calcium, adults can be at risk of developing osteoporosis while children may not grow to their full height potential. 

Calcium also helps regulate the body’s cortisol levels. High levels of this hormone can result in the body storing fat, making weight loss and other health goals difficult to achieve. By eating Greek yogurt alongside other sources of calcium, you can help limit the body’s fat production. 

Iodine for Thyroid Function

Greek yogurt is also an excellent source of iodine. This mineral is crucial for proper thyroid function and, in turn, a healthy metabolism. Your body can’t make iodine so it’s important to consume it in the foods you eat. However, many people today are deficient in iodine, making a sluggish metabolism and difficulty maintaining a healthy weight a common problem. 

Greek yogurt benefits your health by contributing to your daily intake of this vital mineral. And, since it’s suitable for vegetarians and super versatile, Greek yogurt offers an easier way to consume iodine than other sources, such as seaweed, cod, and shrimp. 

Enjoy the Many Health Benefits of Greek Yogurt

While you might have known that Greek yogurt is a good source of protein, we bet you weren’t aware of all the different health benefits of Greek yogurt. 

From vitamin B-12 to calcium, iodine to probiotics, there are plenty of reasons to make a go Greek by making this delicious and nutritious yogurt a part of your daily diet. 

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