Kokeshi Dolls Japanese Painted Rocks

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If you’re looking for a unique or inspiring rock painting idea then why not try painting some Kokeshi dolls on stones? We look painting rocks here on The Inspiration Edit and today I am sharing these fantastic Japanese Painted Rocks which are super cute!

In fact, these amazing Kokeshi Dolls themed painted rocks were created by Peter Wood of Stevenage in the UK and they are pretty inspiring! I am pleased to be able to share these DIY Kokeshi painted rocks here with you and hope you love them as much as I do.


What Is a Kokeshi Doll?

Kokeshi dolls are simple Japanese wooden dolls which are crafted from wood with no arms or legs. Small wooden Kokeshi dolls have been made for many years in Japan. These Japanese dolls originally symbolised guardianship and protection, however they became more a collectors item and more of a children’s toy over the past few decades.

kokeshi-dolls-pictures-painted rocks

Japanese Kokeshi Dolls Painted on Rocks

So what makes painting Kokeshi dolls popular and why is it a new trend? Well the answer is quite simple. Kokeshi dolls are a great way to paint characters without the difficulty of adding arms and legs. There are lots of Kokeshi doll pictures to inspire you and it’s something you can paint as an adult or with the kids. At the end of the day, this is a fun trend and super cute rock painting style you may just want to try.

You could paint just one Kokeshi doll or you may want to paint a whole series of Kokeshi painted rocks just like Peter.


DIY Koksehi Dolls on Painted Rocks

So if you’re looking for Inspiration for your next painted rock series then here are some fantastic Kokeshi doll pictures and stones for you to try out.


Best Paint for Rock Painting

There is so much paint out there are plenty of supplies to choose from when it comes to painted rocks. My go to paint pens happen to be posca pens. I find them really easy to use and love to use a thin black posca to outline my characters.

If you prefer a paintbrush and acrylic paint then I’d recommend Apple Barrel Acrylic paint. You can also buy smooth rock painting stones online if you’re looking for the best surfaces for your Kokeshi dolls.


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Thanks Peter Wood for sharing your amazing art work!

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