What Are Cheeki Mees? A Review

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What Are Cheeki Mees? Here is our review

This week Sylvia and I were sent three new toys to test out. I’d never heard of these fantastic little critters before and to be honest I was wondering what on earth they were. 

The good news is I now know and am able to share here on The Inspiration Edit our experience with these new toys. 

All About The Cheeki Mees Toy 

*We were sent this product as toy testers. This post contains Amazon affiliate links*

So Cheeki Mee toys are a new toy that has recently come out. This toy series has six cute and adorable little Monsters to collect that fall asleep quickly but wake up when jiggled about.

This toy series one characters are called Mad-dog Doug, Pouty Patty, Happy Hughie, Bratty Beckie, Buzzin Bobby and Rockin Riley. Each monster has a specific mood which is displayed in the cheeky language they use.

Cute Monsters for Kids

To activate the monster you simply touch or tickle the hair on top of your character’s head. Even better when using two characters at once you can cross their hairs together and the characters will chat to each other.

How Much Do These Monsters Cost?

The Cheeki Mee range is available in local toys stores, supermarkets and online. In the UK they cost £6.99 and $10.99 USD. These are super cute and I can see these becoming a popular brand of toy.

We have half the series one characters and Sylvia is excited to collect them all.

The toy requires 3 1.5 V batteries which are included in the pack. They are bright and colourful and I can see my daughter really getting into these toys.

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Today on The Inspiration Edit we have one Cheeki Me character to give away. To enter the competition simply visit our facebook page and share this post. Entries close on 1st April.

This is open to UK and Ireland residents only. The winner will be randomly selected via raffle and announced on our Facebook and Twitter channels once the competition has closed.

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  1. This looks like a fun interactive toy. I like toys that involve kids to do things with them. Having two so they could chat is a nice selling deal.

  2. These remind me so much of Tamagotchis for some reason lol. These are so cute and would be so cool for Easter baskets.

  3. I can not show my kids this post it they will want lol
    They actually look similar to a product over here but I just can’t think what it is ???

  4. They are cute but I think this product has not sold very well. Maybe it needs improve their marketing.

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