Fun and Neurodiverse Craft Kits For Kids

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All kids are unique and different in their ways, but there is a consensus that play is important for all of them. Even more so for neurodiverse children. It’s not just a fun activity that keeps them engaged and occupied, it helps them learn and develop critical fine motor skills, sensory-motor skills, and other cognitive skills. Autism support workers believe that one of the most effective ways to involve children in play and take a more hands-on approach to their development is to make kids craft kits Let’s take a deeper dive!

Understanding Neurodiversity and Sensory Needs

To put it simply, the term ‘neurodiversity’ refers to the uniquely different ways that the human brain works. It encompasses a spectrum of neurological differences, wherein those who are neurodivergent have brains that work differently from those with neurotypical brains. It includes autism, dyslexia, ADHD, hyperlexia, and more. Neurodiverse children experience the world very differently from their neurotypical peers. They might have either diminished or heightened sensory perceptions, social anxiety, or even obsessive-compulsive disorder. They might have either diminished or heightened sensory perceptions, social anxiety, or even obsessive-compulsive disorder. This is why it is recommended to seek aid from an NDIS support worker for such kids who often curate tailored neurodiverse activities for them. These activities include craft kits or sensory toys that provide them with much-needed sensory input and make them thrive.

Benefits of Craft Kits for Neurodiverse Children

  • Neurodiverse craft kits help stimulate the brain, which enables neurodivergent children to better process sensory information.
  • Handling the materials of the craft kits and following instructions improves the hand-eye coordination of neurodiverse kids, which leads to the development of fine and gross motor skills.
  • Craft kits also help them respond to sensory information in more positive ways over time and teach them to self-regulate.
  • When neurodivergent children engage in DIY crafts with their caregivers, they learn to express themselves and communicate better, thereby enhancing their social skills.

Choosing the Right Craft Kit

There’s no doubt that craft kits are beneficial for neurodivergent children, but it is also crucial to figure out which neurodiverse craft kits or sensory toys are the right fit for your child. Here’s what to consider-

  • Find out what your child likes: A child will only take part in activities they enjoy, so it’s important to discover what your child likes or dislikes. You can take note of their behavior during different activities and their response will tell you if they are enjoying a particular activity or not.
  • Figure out the extent of their skills: It is easier for your child to lose interest in an activity if the activity is too complicated for them or takes too long to accomplish. So it is essential to know if the activity you are choosing is within the scope of the functional abilities of your kid.

5 Craft Kits for Neurodivergent Kids

1. DIY Perfume Kit

Perfume making kit can be one of the most delightful sensory activities for your neurodivergent child. Through this activity, children can explore and experiment with different scents which not only promotes their self-expression but also helps them with sensory regulation. Blending the different scents is a great way for children to develop their problem-solving skills and explore what they find most pleasing, thereby driving empowerment. 

2. Slime Kit

Making slimes can also be an excellent activity to foster the sensory development of your neurodivergent child. Slime kits not only come in different textures with other things to add to them like beads, but they also come in different scents. This is why slime kits are a sensory explosion. Slimes can sometimes be a hit or miss though, as some kids may not like to feel the wet touch of slime.

3. Makeup Kit

There are some great play makeup set available in the market that can help neurodivergent children to express their creativity and build confidence. Makeup is a form of art and therefore, through makeup kids can explore a sensory-rich art experience which is also therapeutic. 

4. Sand Art Kit

Neurodivergent children may often have difficulties and sensitivities towards traditional art forms. This is where the sand art kits come in handy. With vibrant colored sands and various templates to choose from, these kits encourage creativity and fine motor skills development. Pouring and shaping the sand allows children to explore textures and colors in a controlled and enjoyable manner.

5. Finger-Painting Kit

Painting in traditional ways with pencils and brushes can be constricting for neurodivergent children. Finger painting, on the other hand, offers them more freedom to express themselves. It can be messy, sure, but it can also be an extremely fun way for the kids to discover art.

At the end of the day, it is all about empowering the tiny tots. Explore the world of craft kits and give your child the best opportunity to develop!

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