Meeting Moana at Disneyland Paris Vaiana

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Yesterday my daughter Sylvia met her favourite Disney character Moana at Disneyland Paris. we absolutely love Moana. In french they call her Vaiana.

Moana has a meet and greet in Walt Disney Studios. To meet with Moana you generally have to queue for a good two hours.

It’s quite a wait. Due to me using a wheelchair, we were able to use my green pass which meant booking a time slot and returning at that time.

If you want to meet Moana whether in the general queue or the disabled queue, it will take some time and you need to get there well before the opening time. We waited a long time just to get our slot but the wait was worth it for Sylvia.

Sylvia is part Polynesian just like Moana and so this Disney character is one she really does identify with. It was a wonderful experience for my daughter to meet Moana or Vaiana whatever you choose to call her and we got some awesome photos for the memories.

Moana was fun, she asked Sylvia what her favourite part of the movie was. She also had some great pose suggestions to help create fun pictures. It was a boiling hot day and we stood in the sun for some time. I ended up getting a little sunburnt.

If you go to Disneyland in the summer, makes sure to use extra strong sunscreen. Meeting Moana had to be the highlight of our day yesterday and something both my daughter and I loved.

It was truly a wonderful experience. Have you met Moana at the Disneyland Paris Moana meet and greet?


meeting moana at disneyland paris

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  1. Wow your daughter is so beautiful! If they will ever make a movie of the cartoon I bet your daughter would fit to play the role!
    This is a an incredible memory for your daughter!

  2. It’s great that your daughter got to meet her favorite Disney character. I had no idea though that the queues were so long! Maybe it’s because it’s summer? Do you think in winter Disneyland Paris will be less crowded?

    1. It was awesome. To be honest I have been here in winter and summer and i prefer winter but the queues were bigger in winter!

  3. Sylvia’s costume is fantastic! I’ve not been to any Disney parks since I was young, but I will be taking my boys there when they get a little older. They love Moana and will be dressing up as Tamatoa and Maui for Halloween this year.

  4. So fun! It’s always awesome when kids get to meet their heroes! It looks like y’all had a phenomenal day!

  5. I can just imagine her excitement. What a brilliant day you must have had. We’re ready there in December for the first time with our son and I can’t wait!

  6. I haven’t been to Disneyland in ages. I liked Moana but not as much as Rapunzel or Brave. Sounds like your daughter had great fun!

  7. OMG your daughter looks like a mini Moana! I love her outfit, it’s just like the one of the Disney character. I’m so glad that she can identify so well with a Disney character, I think it’s not always very easy for young girl to relate to them, they just like princesses, but I think it’s important that young girls can truly identify with the character they see on screen and draw inspiration from them.

  8. Awesome experience for your daughter! I am sure she will talk about it for weeks or months. I am happy for her!

  9. This is so cool! Yes, we met Moana at Disney World and she was fantastic. My daughter told her she wished Hei Hei were around.

  10. Awww!! I love Moanna too :). So nice that you got these great pictures with her. I have the song of the film stuck in my head now haha

  11. I’ve never been to Disney although I think my Husband liked it when he went as a kid! That’s great your daughter got to meet her favorite character! I love Moana’s adventurous spirit!

  12. That looks like such a fun meet and greet. I know that my daughter would love that. Unfortunately I didn’t see her when we were at Disneyland but I know that my daughter would love.

  13. Oh my, they should cast your daughter for this! She looks more like Moana than the actual lady in the picture. She wouldn’t even need the wig either she got such stunning hair! Bless her, she’s so pretty. =D

  14. I love the fact that your daughter dressed like her favorite character. The photos are amazing, she just made some great memories.

  15. So fun! We met Moana at Disney World in Orlando. We live in Florida and my daughter’s dream is to go to Disneyland Paris for her 15th Birthday, she’s 12 now and she’s been talking about this for a couple of years now. She even has a list of all the characters that she wants to meet and that can only be found at Disneyland Paris!

  16. That is so sweet. Your daughter must’ve been so thrilled to see her favourite character right in front of her. I love the way she has dressed up just like Moana, to meet her. Cheers!!

  17. She is lucky to meet her favourite character in Disneyland. I have to say that I do not even know who Moana is 🙂

  18. This reminds me to finally download the movie and watch it. Perfect for a lazy Saturday night. You can see it was a wonderful experience by the way your daughter hugs Moana. ♥ Kisses

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