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Yesterday my daughter Sylvia met her favourite Disney character Moana at Disneyland Paris. we absolutely love Moana. In french they call her Vaiana.

Moana has a meet and greet in Walt Disney Studios. To meet with Moana you generally have to queue for a good two hours.

It’s quite a wait. Due to me using a wheelchair, we were able to use my green pass which meant booking a time slot and returning at that time.

If you want to meet Moana whether in the general queue or the disabled queue, it will take some time and you need to get there well before the opening time. We waited a long time just to get our slot but the wait was worth it for Sylvia.

Sylvia is part Polynesian just like Moana and so this Disney character is one she really does identify with. It was a wonderful experience for my daughter to meet Moana or Vaiana whatever you choose to call her and we got some awesome photos for the memories.

Moana was fun, she asked Sylvia what her favourite part of the movie was. She also had some great pose suggestions to help create fun pictures. It was a boiling hot day and we stood in the sun for some time. I ended up getting a little sunburnt.

If you go to Disneyland in the summer, makes sure to use extra strong sunscreen. Meeting Moana had to be the highlight of our day yesterday and something both my daughter and I loved.


It was truly a wonderful experience. Have you met Moana at the Disneyland Paris Moana meet and greet?