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Panoramagique Air Balloon Ride At Disneyland Paris.

Going to DIsneyland Paris is a fun experience for the family. As bloggers we wanted to have family fun but also to take lots of amazing photos to share here on The Postcard Traveller when we got back to the UK. Today I am sharing an experience of the Panoramagique Hot Air Balloon.

The Panoramagique is a hot air balloon which travels up to 60 meters in height. This allows the guests on the balloon to see the whole view of Disneyland, Disney village, the hotels and Walt Disney studios. Being a little unwell with my Adrenal Insufficiency I decided to wait while my husband and daughter went on the hot air balloon.

Sylvia absolutely loved the ride. It cost 12 Euros for an adult and 6 Euros for a child. Sylvia said it was an amazing experience to go on a hot air balloon and to be able to see the whole of Disneyland in this way.

My husband John had the time of his life. He used his time wisely to take some amazing photos of Disneyland and the surrounding area. John got lots of great snaps and will be sharing these in the future. I love his ariel photos. They are postcard perfect.

I was really impressed with my husband’s pictures and I really wanted to go on the hot air balloon myself. My daughter could not stop talking about how amazing the experience was.

I planned to go on the Hot Air Balloon on our last morning but unfortunately we got caught in a thunder storm and so I will have to wait until our next trip but at least I got to see the images and views on my husband’s camera. I think he did a great job.

Angela x