Celebrating Our Differences With Vampirina

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Vampirina From The Disney Store 

If you have the Disney Junior channel you may have seen the fantastic TV show Vampirina which features a young vampire girl who moves to a new neighbourhood with her family. Vampirina Disney Junior is a great show that promotes celebrating our differences, the things that make us unique and give us our identity.

Vamparina Disney Toys

Vampirina Disney Junior

The Vampirina Disney show is great as it’s not only fun to watch but also teaches that it’s okay to be different to other people. Just like Vampirina, my daughter is quite unique as she was born in New Zealand and has both a British and Polynesian heritage.

Just like Vampirina, my daughter has physical characteristics which make her very unique and different to all the children in her class and school. It’s really important to me that my daughter loves who she is and celebrates the things that make her different and unique from others.

Vamparina Disney Toys

How Old Is Vampirina

Vampirina is a young vampire. In fact you may be surprised to know that Vampirina is only 6 years old. She is a vampire, whose family moved from Transylvania to Pennsylvania to open a local Scare Bed n’ Breakfast

Vampirina Toys

This week we received a wonderful bundle of Disney toys from the Disney Store. This gave Sylvia and myself the opportunity to talk about ‘looking different” to her classmates. Sylvia has a different skin tone to the rest of her class and this has in the past caused her to feel different to the rest of the children.

I always tell my daughter that she is beautiful and gorgeous and that it’s not what we look like on the outside but what’s on the inside that counts. Interestingly enough that is the exact same message shared by Vampirina in the opening song whenever her show is on tv. 

Cultural Identity

Sylvia and I talked about the things that make her unique. We discussed her heritage and cultural identity and then we talked about her talents and interests.

Sylvia is really good at swimming. She takes lessons every week and this is one of the things that makes her special. She is always very kind to others, is caring and sensitive to the feelings of others.

Vampirina has a pet named Wolfie and Sylvia has not one but two pet dogs Yoda and Casper whom she loves very much.

Vamparina Disney Toys

Being a fan of pets, and a good swimmer are two things that make Sylvia special. I really think the message of the Disney junior  to be comfortable with who you are is an important message for children. One thing that makes Sylvia unique and different is the fact she has a Mother, (myself) who suffers from serious chronic illness.

Sylvia knows that this is not normal. It is not normal for parents to be sick and spend so much time in bed, going to hospital appointments or seeing specialist, however this is something unique to our family that makes us different. We don’t celebrate the fact I am unwell but we do celebrate that we are a unique family and we do the best we can in the circumstances we have.

Vamparina Disney Toys

Disney Store Vampirina Toys

The Disney Store sent us some lovely plush toys including Vampirina, her friend Demi and pet Wolfie. Sylvia also received the Vampirina figurines, which are all unique characters with their own differences and characteristics.

Sylvia enjoyed playing with the Vamparina figurines with her friend Mia and they actually sat and played with the Disney Store toys as they watched the TV show.

Vamparina Disney Toys

 Vampirina Microphone

Sylvia  received a fantastic lovely Vampirina drinking cup, a microphone and spookylele from the Disney Store. My daughter is quite a trickster at times and she gave me a taste of her “water” in her new cup and it turned out to be strawberry milkshake which is something I really don’t like. That’s another thing that I love about my daughter is her fun personality.   

Vamparina Disney Toys

Vampirina Theme Song Lyrics

Sylvia loves her new Vampirina toys, the plush characters now have a place in her room and she has really enjoyed playing with her figurines as she watches this fantastic Disney Junior show.

She is also in the process of learning the theme song and has been singing and making music with her new microphone which was a big hit! I love the Vampirina theme song lyrics and the message shared in the words. 

I love the message of being comfortable in the skin we are in and celebrating our uniqueness.

How do you celebrate your differences? What makes your child and family special?

*We were sent the Disney Bundle as part of our participation in the Disney Store Vampirina Campaign.

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  1. I haven’t every heard of Vampirina, but I like the concept behind it. I especially like how you used the opportunity to talk with Sylvia about why it’s okay to be different. Warmed my heart!

    1. Thanks Kristi. The character Vampirina does teach a great lesson about being comfortable with yourself and it is great. Glad you liked the post.

  2. That little stuffed doll is adorable. I love the message that this show brings. So important – especially with what is going on in society. I love that shows are showing how it is ok to be different! You daughter is beautiful and I love how you talk about her and with her!

  3. I love love love Vampirina! I know the Vampirina song by heart. Ok, I am a Disney Jr. junkie. I have no control over the issue- my son loves Disney Jr. Anyway, I just love the concept of the cartoon- how people from different geos can accept and love one another and become forever friends (love Poppy and Bridget). This is such a timely post. Love it.

    1. Yes I think I love the plush toys the best! Yes these toys are available in different countries. Check out your local Disney Store.

  4. It’s so important to be comfortable with who you are. And I am so glad that you are already teaching this to your daughter at this age. This needs to be imbibed in our children since childhood. Nobody can agree on this more than me as I am a Highly Sensitive Person and took me all my life to accept it the way I am and just celebrate the uniqueness that I am born with. And because I accept who I am now, I am more aware of my stimulis.
    You are doing great understanding and handling the situation on time!

  5. I read an article back in October that said that you shouldn’t let you child dress up as a character that portrays a different culture because that would be offensive. To me, imitation is the greatest compliment. What better way to understand some one or someones difference that to walk in their shoes for a day. We should all celebrate our differences !

  6. I’m sorry you haven’t been feeling well. My little girl watches Vampirina and we just love it. Disney is our favorite channel. Love the toys your daughter received, they are super cool. We are also a family that has gone through some rough times with me battling cancer. It also makes me sad to think that my girls are growing up believing this is the norm, but guess what? It’s our story and we embrace it, just like you and your family has. Sending hugs your way.

  7. Although my kids are older, they were saying how cute Vampirina is. My daughter would have loved the doll when she was this age!

  8. How awesome the package you got from the Disney Store. My son and I love watching Vampirina! I love how the new shows really teach deeper meanings behind their characters, we love Disney!

  9. I have never heard of Vampirina, but I love the concept behind it. I especially like how you use the doll to teach about loving animals and being different.

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