11 Dinosaur Activities Kids Will Love

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Dinosaurs are always a favourite with kids! Whether you’re a teacher or parent looking for some fun dinosaur activities to keep the little ones occupied, we have compiled 11 dinosaur-themed activities and crafts that both you and your kids will love. With endless hours of excitement and educational value, these activities will turn any day into one filled with adventure and dinosaurs.

From creating unique fossils to baking T-Rex shaped treats -we guarantee your kids will be engaged and wanting more. Read on to discover all 11 of our fantastic dinosaur activities!

What Are Dinosaurs?

A great starting point is to introduce your kids to the world of dinosaurs. Explain what a dinosaur is and provide examples of different species that once roamed the earth. To accompany this, why not set up some arts and crafts activities? Let your kids get creative with drawing their own dinosaurs or create their own dinosaur-themed models using playdough or plasticine!

Dinosaur Garden Pizza

This activity is a great way to encapsulate general knowledge about dinosaurs while having fun and getting creative. To begin, set up some ingredients for your kids to use and let them create their own Dinosaur Garden Pizza! Provide vegetables that are shaped like dinosaur eggs, sausages which can be used to represent T-Rex teeth and spinach leaves that can stand in as small trees.

Visit the Dinosaur Garden Pizza activity from Mom Foodie.

Dinosaur Play Dough

This is an activity that will occupy and engage your kids for hours! All you need to do is provide different shades of play dough and let their imaginations run wild. They can create their own dinosaurs, fossil imprints or even ancient forests!

Learn how to make Dinosaur Play Dough visit Fantastic Fun and Learning.

Dinosaur Numbers Maze

Help your kids to learn their numbers while having fun with this Dinosaur Numbers Maze. All you need is a pen, paper and some dinosaur-shaped cutouts! Ask your child to trace the number lines inside the dinosaurs and help guide them along as they travel through the maze.

Get the Dinosaur Number Maze from Inspiration Laboratories.

Dinosaur Toss

Test your kids’ hand-eye coordination with this fun and exciting Dinosaur Toss Game. All you need is a large sheet of paper, chalk or crayons and a few toy dinosaurs or rocks! Draw several targets on the paper and then ask your child to toss their toy dinosaur or rocks onto one of the targets.

Learn how to make the Dinosaur Toss game over at Mess For Less.

Cardboard Box Dinosaur

Create your own cardboard box dinosaur with your kids – an activity that encourages imaginative play and recycling. All you need is a large cardboard box, some paint and paper cutouts of different shapes for the eyes, nose and other features.

Visit Adventure in a Box to learn how to make this Cardboard Box Dinosaur.

Dinosaur Names and Words

Help your kids to strengthen their language skills with this fun activity. Provide paper cutouts of different dinosaur names and then challenge them to create a story that incorporates all the words – or have them make up their own unique dinosaur species!

Enjoy Deciphering Dinosaur Names with Greek and Latin Words from Our Family Code.

Dinosaur Fossil Dig

This dinosaur fossil dig activity combines science and fun as your kids dig into the past! All you need is some sand, small dinosaurs and tools to help them dig. Set up a ‘fossil’ digging box for them to explore and search for their own unique dinosaur fossils.

Learn how to make a Dinosaur Fossil Dig Box from Parenting Chaos.

Paper Plate Dinosaur Name Craft

Encourage your kids to get creative with this Paper Plate Dinosaur Name Craft. All that is needed is a paper plate, some paint and cardboard letters. Ask your child to create their own dinosaur, using the paper plate as the body and spelling out their name in cardboard letters for the spikes of the dinosaur’s back!

Make the Paper Plate Dinosaur Name Craft -over onToddler Approved.

Dinosaur Sensory Bin and Volcano

Combine your kids’ love of dinosaurs with this fun sensory bin activity. Provide them with a tray, some sand and a handful of small dinosaurs – then let their imagination run wild! Add an extra element by providing materials to create the ‘volcano’.

Visit Raising Whasians from Dinosaur Sensory Bin with Edible Volcano.

More Dinosaur Crafts

The world of dinosaurs never ends! Bring the prehistoric world to life with these easy-to-make crafts. From making dinosaur slime to crafting your own ‘dinosaur eggs’, there are endless activities to keep your kids engaged and create lifelong memories.

making dinosaur crayons as a recycling project
dinosaur soap

dinosaur paper plate craft

dinosaur sensory bin idea
Dinosaur Printable pom pom mats for kids

Also…don’t forget to check out these Dinosaur Printables here and this list of Dinosaur books for kids.

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