Aliens Love Underpants Story Spoons

Today I have been working on a new project for our KLTR Linky, Kids Love to read. As a previous early years teacher I always loved making resources to promote literacy and reading and today I decided to create some story spoons based on the children’s book Aliens Love Underpants by Claire Freedman.

To make story spoons you will need paper and pencil. Paints and of course a set of wooden spoons.

Using the children’s book you can create practice images on a piece of paper. If you are super confident then you can draw directly onto the spoons.

I drew my pictures onto paper first and then the spoons. I then began to paint the wooden spoons with using posca paint pens.

I found the wood is quite tricky to paint on. Some of the paint leaked but I did my best to make these spoons look good.

I find painting white first is always a good idea before using darker or brighter colours. Also drawing outlines can help stop the paint from expanding on the wood.

I was really pleased with the end result. These story spoons can be used at home, in the nursery or pre school setting and can help make reading and literacy a little more exciting for little ones.

So what do you think? I really like them and would love you to give them a try. Just look at the book and choose an image to draw.



Aliens Love Underpants Story Spoons


  1. I bet this was fun to make. I love the reading program and showcasing extra props and things for the kids to visually connect with a book is fun.

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