31 Dr Seuss Day Activities Kids Will Love

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Dr Seuss Day Activities Kids Will Love

Dr Seuss Day activities are a fun way to celebrate all things Dr Seuss from Cat In The Hat to Oh The Places you’ll go. There are plenty of fun things to do to help your child enjoy the magic of Dr Seuss whilst building a love for reading, literacy, and books.

Today we are sharing 31 Fantastic ideas for Dr Seuss Day. We hope you love this post as much as Sylvia and I enjoyed creating it.

dr seuss day activities

Dr Seuss Activities – Dress Up as Cat in the Hat

Dressing up on Dr Seuss Day is the ultimate fun thing to do. You might want to dress up as The Cat In The Hat or maybe Thing 1 or Thing 2. You could even be The Lorax.

Cat In The Hat Costume

Dr Seuss Activities – Make a Lorax Paper Bag Puppet

You may want to make this cute and adorable Lorax Puppet. There is a free download you can print and tutorial. this could be such fun.

Lorax Paper Bag Puppet

Dr Seuss Activities – Make Dr Seuss Fish

Make some super cute Dr Seuss Fish. This could go down well with the kids and is a great craft idea to enjoy!

Dr Seuss Activities – Bake Dr Seuss Cupcakes.

Baking is always a fun activity and with this fun cupcake idea the kids would love to make these Oh the places you go cupcakes.

Dr Seuss Cupcakes

Dr Seuss Activities – Read Dr Seuss Books at the Library

If you don’t have lots of Dr Seuss books at home or at school you may want to take the kids on a Dr Seuss Book treasure hunt at the library. This could be fun.

Dr Seuss Day Activities – Cat in the Hat Handprint Art

Your little ones might just love this Cat In The Hat Handprint Art Idea. It’s super fun and easy to do and there are so many different characters you could paint.

Dr Seuss Day

Dr Seuss Activities – Create Dr Seuss Rhymes

Why not try creating your own Dr Seuss themed rhymes. That could be super fun. You might want to put a Dr Seuss Story to a tune and sing it as a song.

Dr Seuss Activities – Thing 1 Thing 2 Art

You could even make double handprint canvases painting Thing 1 and Thing 2 art with the kids. It could be so much fun.

Thing One Thing Two hand Print canvas

Dr Seuss Day Activities – Green Eggs and Ham Snack

You could cook Eggs and dye the yolk green to create your own Green Eggs and Ham snack

green eggs and ham

Dr Seuss Activities –  Memorise Dr Seuss Quotes

There are so many fantastic Dr Seuss Quotes out there. I particularly love the educational Dr Seuss Quotes and the Dr Seuss Love Quotes. You might like to memorise some on Dr Seuss Day.

Dr Seuss Activities – Make a Paper Bag Cat in the Hat

Dr Seuss Activities – Do Dr Seuss Maths

Why not try some Dr Seuss theme counting activities with the little ones. This could be a fun way to introduce number into the day.

Dr Seuss Activities –  Dr Seuss Story Spoons

You could paint Dr Seuss story spoons with posca pens and make a teaching resource for kids at preschool, school or the home.

Dr Seuss Day

Dr Seuss Activities – Make a Dr Seuss House

Try creating your very own Dr Seuss House. You might want to use recycled materials. It could be fun.

Dr Seuss Day Activities – Dr Seuss Garden Party

Why not have a Dr Seuss  Garden Party based on one of the famous Dr Seuss books.

Dr Seuss Day

Dr Seuss Activities – Make Dr Seuss Oobleck

Make Dr Seuss Oobleck or Green Slime with the kids. Slime is such a popular thing at the moment and this could go down really well!


Dr Seuss Activities –  Cat In The Hat Rock Painting

Why not whip  out the paint and do some rock painting with the kids. There are plenty of characters to choose from. Check out our Cat In The Hat inspired rock stone.

cat in the hat

Dr Seuss Activities – Paint the Lorax

Maybe you could paint The Lorax onto a rock stone or a spoon. It might be really fun. We made this Lorax spoon and had a lot of fun doing so.

Dr Seuss Day

Dr Seuss Day Activities – Make Cat in the Hat Treats

You could make some amazing Cat In The Hat treats which the kids will have fun helping create as well as eating.

Cat In The Hat Dr Seuss Day

Dr Seuss Activities – Thing 1 Thing 2 Popsicle Stick Puppets

Why not make Thing 1 Thing 2 Popsicle Stick Puppets. This is a fun and easy craft for little ones and a great way to get them talking about characters and having fun crafting.

dr seuss stick puppets

Dr Seuss Activities – Cat in the Hat Oreo Cookies

If you love oreos you will love this fun Cat In The Hat Oreo Cookie Recipe. It’s fun and an exciting treat for Dr Seuss Day

Dr Seuss Day

Dr Seuss Activities – Watch Dr Seuss Movies

Watch a Dr Seuss movie with the family. I love The Lorax and my daughter enjoys the movie The Grinch.

The Lorax Truffula Paper Plate Craft

Here is a fantastic, fun and easy Dr Seuss paper plate craft for kids to make based on the book The Lorax. The Truffula Trees are so super cute.

Dr Seuss Activities – Make Cat in the Hat Cheese Sticks

These Cat In The Hat Cheese Sticks are sure to go down well on Dr Seuss Day. It’s a easy and simple idea from the Cooking With Carlee Website.

Dr Seuss Day Activities – Plant Lorax Truffula Seeds

This Lorax Truffula tree seed craft is a super fun and easy idea you may just love to make with the kids.

Dr Seuss Activities – Lorax Salt Dough Craft

Have you ever made Salt dough ornaments? Why not try making some salt dough Dr Seuss Characters such as this super cute salt dough Lorax.

Dr Seuss Activities – Visit the Dr Seuss Museum

If you live near a Dr Seuss Museum, such as the one in one in Springfield you may want to go on a trip. This could be super fun.

Dr Seuss Activities – Fox in Socks Handprint Art

This cute Dr Seuss Fox in socks craft would go down well at home or in the preschool or kindergarten setting.

fox in socks handprint canvas

Dr Seuss Day Activities – Learn Dr Seuss Songs

You may like to learn a song from the Dr Seuss movies, such as the Grinch song. That could be fun!

Dr Seuss Activities – Make a Toilet Tube Craft

You may really enjoy this super fun The Lorax toilet tube craft. It’s super fun and easy to make with the kids.

Lorax Toilet Roll Craft

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