Aladdin Arts and Crafts Kids Will Love

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Today we have some fantastic Disney inspired Aladdin arts and crafts the kids will love. Whether your looking for a crafty idea or inspiration for some fun Aladdin themed party food, look no further! This is the post for you! 

Do you remember the first time you watched Disney’s Aladdin? I sure do. I was so young and recall seeing the evil Jafar trick Aladdin into going into the cave of wonders. I then loved the scene when the genie appeared and watched with excitement as Aladdin made his three wishes. 

There is something truly magical about the Aladdin movie and we were super excited to watch the new Disney Aladdin that came out this year. 

Whether you love the Genie, Aladdin or Princess Jasmine, there are some super fun Aladdin crafts for preschoolers and older kids for you to check out. From Princess Jasmine Mickey Ears, to Disney toilet tube characters to DIY Aladdin slime. I sure hope you find some fun Aladdin crafts to make. 

Aladdin activities and aladdin crafts for kids

Aladdin Craft Ideas the Kids Will Love

Here we have some fantastic Disney Aladdin Craft ideas from making a Jafar hat to creating your own Disney Aladdin lamp. These fun Aladdin movie crafts are sure to add some fun to your day. 

Aladdin Magic Lamp Shirt

Doodle Craft

Buying Disney attire at the store can be pretty pricey. But, now you can make your own. I can’t even tell this Aladdin magic lamp shirt isn’t store bought!

Aladdin Printable Coloring Pages and Activities

All for the Boys

Coloring is a great activity to do right before bed or when everyone just needs a little zen time. If your kiddos love Aladdin, they will love these coloring pages, too. 

DIY Wishing Lamp

Home Literacy Blueprint

Seriously, you can use Duck Tape for ANYTHING! That’s right, all you need for this wishing lamp is a few gold party bowls, some gold duck tape, and some jewels. 

DIY Jafar Hat

Stacey Homemaker

Jafar may be the villain, but in role play, someone has to play the villain sometimes. This hat would be perfect to go along with an Aladdin one. 

Jasmine Sugar Scrub

The Inspiration Edit

Sometimes we all need to be treated like a princess. This Jasmine sugar scrub is fun to make with kids and gives your little one the sense of being like a princess. 

homemade sugar scrub recipe that is disney inspired

Aladdin Crafts and Activities

Have you heard of Aladdin slime? If not you will love the Aladdin and his wonderful lamp slime tutorial. It’s a super easy slime recipe to create with or for the kids. Why not print off some Aladdin printables? I’m sure they would be super fun!

We have lots of free printables here on The Inspiration Edit. You may want to take a look! 

DIY Aladdin and His Wonderful Lamp Slime

Kimspired DIY

All kids love slime especially when they make it themselves. Slime is a great science activity, and this slime is special because they have to find the hidden lamp. 

Light up Cave of Wonders

Free Homeschool Deals

Make a life size cave of wonders from simple items you have in your home. Kids will love this fun house and probably ask you if they can sleep in it at bedtime. 

Aladdin’s Magic Lamp

Janie Huldie

Baking is a great way to spend time with your kids. These magic lamp cupcakes are easy to make and super yummy to eat. 

Aladdin Magic Lamp Sand Art

123 Homeschool 4 Me

When you do this craft, be sure to have a mini lesson about how glitter is just like germs. It gets everywhere! This is a cute magic lamp craft using glitter. 

Aladdin Printable Activities Pack

Sunshine Whispers

This activities are great for summer or for homeschooling parents. They add a little education with a fun Aladdin theme that kids will love. 

Aladdin Characters Cardboard Roll Craft

Artsy Momma

Never throw away your toilet paper tubes! Seriously among other things, you can make some super cute Aladdin characters from your empty toilet paper tubes! 













Princess Jasmine Costume DIY Ideas! 

Here are some more Princess Jasmine Craft ideas. We have Jasmine Mickey ears, Jasmine bangles and a fantastic Princess Jasmine costume DIY project for you to visit. 

Princess Jasmine Costume Tutorial

Rae Gun Ramblings

Make your little princess her very own costume this year for Halloween. Or, make it just for her to wear around the house and play. 

Jasmine Mickey Mouse Ears

Ruffles and Rainbows

Don’t forget your Mickey Ears when you head to Disney! These Jasmine Mickey Ears are super cute and easy to make. Take them with you on your trip to Disney. 

Jasmine’s Bangles

Sugar Spice and Glitter

To go along with your Jasmine costume, make her some bangles too! These are super easy to make and go perfectly with the above costume. 







Aladdin Birthday Party Ideas – Party Food

If you’re having a Disney Aladdin themed party then here are some fantastic Aladdin themed party food ideas you will love. We have Aladdin cupcakes, Aladdin oreos, Aladdin Magic carpet snacks, cookies and much more! Which is your favourite?

Aladdin Cocktail

Optimistic Mommy

Birthday parties can be stressful which means the adult crowd may need a drink. This cocktail can be made as a mocktail or as an alcoholic beverage. 

Aladdin Inspired Genie Themed Meringue Cookies

Even After in the Woods

While the party is getting started, its important to have a few appetizers set out. These meringue cookies would be the perfect treat to have set out. 

Aladdin Inspired Cupcakes

Sunshine Whispers

Instead of making a cake that you have to cut, you can make these Aladdin inspired cupcakes. They are the perfect “cake” to pass out to the little ones at a party. 

Aladdin’s Magic Lamp Covered Oreos


Here’s another cookie option to have out as an appetizer at a birthday party. Everyone loves Oreos, and these are magic Oreos. 

Aladdin’s Magic Carpet Snack

Sunshine Whispers

Made with strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries, these treats are super simple to put together. They are deliciously healthy and perfect for parties. 

Aladdin’s Blue Genie Cupcakes

The Tip Toe Fairy

If your kid is a fan of the Genie, these are the perfect cupcakes for the occasion. They make cake cutting a breeze!


You may also enjoy these super cute Disney Inspired Aladdin cookies.


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Aladdin crafts and aladdin activities

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