7 Novel Wedding Ideas

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Are you Looking for some ways to make an unconventional wedding ceremony? You can wow your guests with these novel wedding ideas. Make a splash at your reception.

Read on for some unique ideas and have your wedding leave a lasting impression.

1. Go Crazy with the Bouquet

Go big and bold to make a non-traditional wedding bouquet. You can go for a non-floral bouquet or pick flowers with vibrant colors and blooms. Go for a loose, overgrown look to look relaxed yet elegant.

2. Set-Up a Creative Reception

It’s important that your guests have a place to rest, drink, and take photos. Place some couches and pillows or have a photo booth with cool outfits and props. Add in a DIY table like for congratulations letters or a flower station.

If you’ve got lots of parents and children at the ceremony, why not have a child care room with snacks and games to keep them entertained. Your adult friends will definitely thank you for the help.

3. Get Married Elsewhere

Although a church or backward wedding looks great, your special day can only be celebrated in a special way. Celebrity cruise weddings will make your day unforgettable.

You can also go to the forest and mountain top if you and your guests are willing to make the travel. You can also go simple and make a pajama party-themed wedding. Your wedding is a rare occasion which you should make unforgettable, so make the most of it.

4. Take Your Guests on a Journey

Make the travel from your ceremony to the reception unforgettable by renting a fun way for mass transportation. Lift your wedding transportation with a hot-air balloon ride or get them riding a school bus. If you’re on a budget, get them riding cabs, bikes, or lend them some roller skates.

5. Do a One-of-a-Kind Entrance

Keep everyone’s eyes on you by doing something other than emerging from the church doors. Try going for a flash mob involving your family and some friends, it will make everyone excited and your guests will talk about it all day. You can also ride your way in with a horse, boat, carriage, or even a helicopter.

6. Include Kids and Pets

One of the best novel wedding ideas involves your pets and children in your ceremony. Make your pets or children be the ring bearers, your best man or bridesmaid. You can carry them in your arms or place them by your side as you partake in the ceremony ritual.

7. Bring in the Drinks

The drinks are the best way to get the after-party started. You can go for a theme or make your guests customize their drinks. Try some favorite bar themes like coffee bars, champagne bar, or classy cocktail bar.

Grab the guest’s attention by having drinks displayed in colorful trays. You can also have your waiters standing in the entrance ready to greet the guests with drink trays in hand.

Use These Novel Wedding Ideas for Your Special Day

Inject your wedding with a shot of personality by trying out these novel wedding ideas. It will get your guests talking about your wedding for a long time.

Of course, planning your wedding doesn’t end here. To get the most out of your special, read more of our guides today!

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