Back to School Sales and Smiggle

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Back to school with Smiggle- Includes gifted items

Yesterday Sylvia and I went looking for back to school sales. It’s been a while since she went to school and my daughter was so excited to learn she is returning to school in September. We visited a number of stores including Smiggle and today we are sharing our experience.


Back to School With Smiggle

Going into a store in the current climate is a little different. Everyone is social distancing you need to wear a face mask and to do your best to not touch items you’re not going to buy. The good thing is, you have a choice. If your not comfortable going into a store, you can buy all your back to school items from Smiggle online! Problem solved!

We wanted to get out and see what was available for Sylvia so she has all she needs ready for the new school year. We went to the Wigan Smiggle store and there were some fantastic back to school items and plenty of items on sale too. We were spoilt for choice.

Back to school smiggle sales

Smiggle Back to School Discounts

This year Smiggle have a new back to school range called the Budz range. They also have the Cheer range for younger kids. The Smiggle Budz Range is super cute and comes in 5 different styles, from a bear to a shark, a cute cat unicorn and more.

We loved the look of the Cat Unicorn and this week the Budz School bundles are 32% off. You can snap up the following items as a Bundle at a discounted rate in store and online.

  • Budz Backpack
  • Budz Double Decker Lunchbox
  • Budz Drink Bottle
  • Budz Character Hardtop Pencil Case

More Back to School Smiggle Sales

The great thing about going in store at Smiggle was that there were plenty of marked down items to buy alongside the new Budz collection. Sylvia was able to buy some fantastic stationary items, headphones and much more at a reduced rate and we got everything she needed to fill her new Budz Smiggle Pencil case.

smiggle back to school range

Smiggle Lunch Boxes and Water Bottles

Not only do Smiggle have fantastic stationary items they also have some lovely back to school lunch boxes and lots of fun water bottles to choose from. We are currently having a heat wave and Sylvia started using her new water bottle as soon as she got home! These fantastic products including the Smiggle water bottles don’t have to be just for school!

smiggle lunch box

I’m super pleased to have stationary and lunch items sorted for my daughter. Now we just have to see what uniform and clothing she will need. She’s had a few growth spurts and so we have a little more shopping to do before we return back to school. Let’s hope we find some more fantastic back to school sales online and in stores.

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