41 Dinosaur Activities and Crafts for Summer

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41 Dinosaur Activities and Crafts For Summer

Dinosaurs can be super fun. In fact, there are so many fantastic Dinosaur Activities and crafts that kids can enjoy during the Summer months and beyond. Today I am sharing some fantastic and fun Dinosaur activities for preschool and kindergarten kids to enjoy.

Dinosaur Paper Plate Craft

You may love our Rainbow Paper pate dinosaurs. They are a simple fun and easy craft to make and we had such fun creating these cute dinosaur models.

Visit our Dinosaur paper plate craft here for our fun tutorial

Super Cute Dinosaur Paper Plate Craft

We  have some really fabulous activities, crafts and learning ideas listed here from some top kids activity bloggers. I sure hope you find something useful here.

Dinosaur Yoghurt

You may love these healthy Dinosaur Frozen Yoghurt treats! These are fun to make and super simple and a great way to get the kids to eat more fruit and dairy.

Yogurt Dinosaurs

41 Dinosaur Activities and Crafts for Summer

Here are some more fun Dinosaur activities for you to enjoy!

DIY Dinosaur Rock Stones

An incredibly simple, frugal and fun filled dinosaur themed activity you can get your toddler to try, this one just needs you to find a handful of pebbles and use some of that paint! 

Clothespin Dinosaur Maths Printable

Clothespin crafts are really fun, and this one, that comes with a free printable, also teaches your kiddo a little math! 

DIY Salt Dough Dinosaur Fossils

Perfect for all the kiddos who love play dough, these dinosaur fossils are great, and are made using just salt dough! 

Dinosaur Sensory Bin

Sensory bin activities are perfect for toddlers and growing kids, and this dinosaur themed one is an excellent one to try out! 

DIY Dinosaur Feet

Stuck home inside on a rainy day? This easy dinosaur feet craft activity is perfect to keep your toddler busy. 

Fizzy Fossil Dinosaur Eggs

Time to get your toddler involved in a little science fun! These dinosaur eggs are fizzy and the perfect way to inspire your kiddo! 

Dinosaur Poo Playdough

Perfect if your kid is a fan of the book the Dinosaur that Pooped Christmas, this playdough is incredibly easy to make. 

Dinosaur Shapes Game

Time for another fun preschool activity to keep your toddler busy! This one teaches him about shapes, and yes- dinosaurs! 

Dinosaur Color Mats 

And here’s another super simple activity to get your toddler busy with! Simply download the free printable, hand over some pom poms and that’s it!

dinosaur color mats

DIY Dinosaur Footprints

Salt dough activities are a fun way to improve your toddler’s fine motor skills, and this dinosaur themed one is just perfect. 

Easy Dinosaur Craft For Toddlers

Looking for a no-fuss, quick and easy dinosaur themed activity to keep your toddler busy with? This is the one. 

Dinosaur Yoga

What could be better than combining the fun of dinosaurs and the lessons of yoga for your kiddo? This is the one activity that does just that. 

Dinosaur Playdough Dig

Get your toddler to turn into an excavator by engaging him in this fun playdough dinosaur digging activity! 

How To Build A Dinosaur Garden

Time to get your kiddo a bit more involved in gardening momma! Teach him how to build his very own dinosaur garden with this fun activity! 

Dinosaur Science Play

And here’s another activity for your toddler that combines the fun of dinosaurs and the magic of science.

Sparkly Paper Plate Dinosaurs

On the hunt for an easy paper plate activity to get your kiddo busy with? This sparkly dinosaur themed one is great! 

Dinosaur Playdough 

And here’s another fun dinosaur themed activity you just can’t go wrong with. Plus, you can also make this simple playdough yourself. 

Ultimate Dinosaur Dirt Bars

The perfect sweet treat to whip up for your little dinosaur obsessed kiddo, these dirt bars are easy and equally fun to make and involve your toddler in. 

Toilet Roll Dinosaurs

Can you actually turn those extra toilet rolls into dinosaurs? We bet you can! Follow these steps to learn how! 

Dinosaur Counting Board Game

Sharpen your kid’s ability to count, multiply and subtract with this fun dinosaur themed board game. 

Hammer Ice Dinosaurs

This activity is great for summers, when you want your kiddo to spend more time outdoors. Go give it a try! 

Fizzing Dinosaur Eggs

And here’s yet another exciting activity that teaches your kiddo how to combine science and dinos! These dinosaur eggs are super fun and easy to make too! 

DIY Fossils

Does your toddler love dinosaur themed activities? Why not get him to try and make his own fossils with this fun project?

Dinosaur Tracks Sponge Painting

Painting with sponges can be so much fun, and this dinosaur themed painting activity is great for the little artist you’re raising. 

Dinosaur Letter Learning Game

And here’s a little letter fun for your preschooler! This one’s dinosaur themed and teaches your kiddo about upper and lowercase letters. 

Dinosaur Matching Puzzle Free Printable

Looking for some interesting puzzles for your little one? This dinosaur themed one is really easy, because it comes with a free printable. 

Dinosaur Beginning Sound Scavenger Hunt

And of course, you can never go wrong with a classic scavenger hunt. This one’s perfect for all the dinosaur lovers out there.

Frozen Dinosaur Eggs

Time for another summer sensory play activity to get your toddler to try! These frozen dinosaur eggs are incredibly easy to make. 

Dinosaur Hobby Horse

This dinosaur themed activity may take a little more time than usual to make, but is totally worth it! 

Dinosaur Preschool Activities

From color matching to math calculations, here are a ton of interesting and fun dinosaur themed preschool activities to get your toddler to try out! 

Sensory Excavation and Homemade Fossil Dough

And here’s another interesting sensory play activity to get your toddler to try- perfect to team up along with a good dinosaur book. 

Dinosaur Science

And here’s yet another activity that brings science and dinosaurs together! Perfect for your little one to try when he’s bored. 

Dinosaur Hunting With Paint

Got a kiddo who’s a fan of painting? Give this super interesting dinosaur hunting activity a try! 

Pop Up Dinosaur Eggs

With a free printable to get you started, these easy pop up dinosaur themed craft is great and a constructive way to keep your little one busy. 

Handprint Dinosaur Art 

And of course, no list is complete without a handprint activity! Get your kiddo to try making this dinosaur themed art! 

Cardboard Dinosaurs

And here’s a fun project you can get your toddler to try his hands at by using leftover cardboard pieces. 

Dinosaur Sensory Play

Great as a sensory play and imaginative activity, this dinosaur themed project is one you wouldn’t want your toddler to miss out on.

Tape Resist Dinosaur Skeleton Fossil Bone

Got masking tape? You’ll love the creative mind behind this fun activity, and you’ll definitely want to get your kiddo to try making this! 

Rainbow Dinosaur Eggs

Great for Easter too, these cracked dinosaur eggs are super fun and easy to make, and end up looking just wow. 

Dinosaur Egg Hunt Hatch

Get your toddler to hunt eggs, and then learn how to hatch them with this fun dinosaur themed activity! 

Paper Mache Dinosaur

Turn your kiddo’s regular piggy bank into dinosaurs and get him to do it with this easy paper mache technique.

41 Dinosaur Activities and Crafts For Summer

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