Jana Reinhardt Wing Pendant Necklace Review

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Jana Reinhardt Wing Pendant Necklace Review

Earlier this week Sylvia was sent a beautiful wing pendant necklace from Jana Reinhardt which  is absolutely gorgeous.

This beautiful new necklace is a bespoke handmade piece or jewellery which we are excited to share with you today. 

If you follow us on social media you may know that we recently lost a family member.

My grandfather passed away a few months ago and so receiving this Jana Reinhardt wing pendant necklace was really special for my daughter as the wing shaped jewellery symbolises Sylvia’s grandpa who is her guardian angel. 

The Angel Wings Pendant Necklace 

This new sterling silver wing pendant necklace comes from the Jana Reinhardt wings collection.

The necklace is both chic and contemporary and it looks oh so beautiful both in the box and on Sylvia’s neck. 

Sylvia’s new wing pendant necklace measures two by one centimetres and hangs on a gorgeous silver chain.

The chain can be worn at either 16 or 18 inches. The pendant necklace fits Sylvia best at 16 inches. 

Bespoke Jewellery By Jana Reinhardt 

Jana Reinhardt jewellery is super special as all pieces are bespoke and handmade.

Owned by Jewellery designers and goldsmiths Jana Reinhardt and Ross Cutting, each piece of jewellery they create is handmade with passion and created with a personal touch. 

I’ve had a good look on the Jana Reinhardt website and there are some gorgeous pieces of jewellery including bespoke engagement and wedding rings.

I got a second hand engagement and wedding ring when I married John. It’s all we could afford and one day I hope to replace my current rings. 

Looking at the gorgeous collections that Jana Reinhardt have to offer was so fun and I was seriously drooling over some of those bespoke jewellery designs. 

Jana Reinhardt Necklace Review

Sylvia’s new necklace is absolutely stunning. The wing pendant necklace truly is a special piece of jewellery and is a wonderful gift which Sylvia will treasure for years. 

I am really pleased with the product. It is good quality sterling silver and can be ordered online for £89.00. You can also choose different metals from sterling silver to 9ct white gold to Platinum gold. 

There are lots of options to have your wings necklace made to your requirements including the option to engrave the jewellery piece. 

The necklace is beautifully crafted and we are grateful for the opportunity to review this lovely item. 

To learn more about the Jana Reinhardt Wing Pendant Necklace visit the website. 

We were gifted this item in return for a honest review

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