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I Met My Husband On Facebook

met husband on facebook

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I Met My Husband On Facebook

I met my husband on Facebook. Did you know that’s how we fell in love? Let me tell you how it all began.

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When I was a teenager I dated a few boys. I always went for the ones who were popular, tall dark and handsome and they always ended up treating me like crap.

Yep, I guess I didn’t know any better back in the days. I grew up knowing you become attracted to someone and eventually fall in love.

For myself I learned through failed relationships and divorce that there are many different types of attraction and I’d simply focussed on the wrong ones.

As a Single Mother raising my daughter on my own I decided to focus on myself and keep an eye out for someone who had the qualities I wanted in a partner and father.

I met my husband online. In fact I met John in a Facebook group. John did not have a profile picture so I never knew what he looked like. I just loved his personality, the things he said, his intelligence, opinions and views. We became online friends and it wasn’t until my 30th birthday that I met John for the first time in person.

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John and I had mutual friends online and we belonged to the same faith. We did have quite a lot in common. It wasn’t like I was meeting a stranger when we met, we knew so much about each other from our conversations.

John and I went bowling for our first date. I have to admit It was a bit random but we had fun. I had to arrange a babysitter for Sylvia but we had a great time together.

Because I fell for my Husband’s personality before I met him, our relationship was based upon friendship and personality not attraction. Obviously we were attracted to one another when we did meet otherwise things would have been pretty awkward but focussing on the personality, communication and personal qualities was what set my husband apart from others.

I have to admit John is the first man to ever treat me with the respect I deserved. It took a lot of getting used to.

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Some people were pretty concerned, cautious and even worried when we got engaged. I understand the concerns given the failed relationships of my past, however the one thing on lookers don’t realise is that by having a relationship go terribly wrong, you simply know what you want even more and when it arrives you don’t let it pass by.

I never thought I’d meet my husband online. I certainly never thought Facebook would have a role in finding my future partner and now husband but it did and I am really pleased. I’m glad I met John the way I did. We are the perfect couple for one another.

We both have or differences of opinion and our own personal health issues. We both have difficulties from the past which we have had to overcome and we compliment each other really well. Most importantly he is the best dad you could ever wish for your child.

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When John proposed to me he also proposed to Sylvia and asked her if he could be her daddy. Sylvia said yes. It’s amazing how over the last 5 years life has progressed. Sylvia and John are inseparable and have the best relationship ever. They love each other beyond measure just as I love my daughter and our family, despite health difficulties is very happy.

I guess the lesson one can take from this is to not judge a book by its cover. Also to think about what is important when looking for a partner.

We all age, we gain weight, get wrinkles and go grey. Our health changes yet our personalities only get stronger and our confidence only shines brighter.

I’m glad I focussed on what really mattered and found my husband in the way I did. He is a lovely man and we still talk to each other on Facebook everyday!

Angela x


  1. Aww! How lovely! I did not know you and John met on Facebook….
    My fella and I met on online but on a dating site….We spoke online for months and months and eventually met and the rest is history. x

  2. That’s such a nice love story! I thought my husband was pretty cute when we first met but the fact that he was kind of shy and treated me like I was the only person in the room was what really hooked me.

  3. That’s so cute that he also proposed and asked to be Sylvia’s dad. I think it’s far more common to meet your partner online now than it ever was x

  4. Oh my gosh! What a beautiful love story! John is such a sweet guy, especially that he even proposed to your daughter. I am happy to hear about happy relationships. Yeah, problems will arise, including health-related ones. But you just stick together and everything becomes lighter. Keep the love and commitment going.

  5. Yours is such a lovely story! It’s amazing how different people meet, and the bit about him also asking your daughter made me a bit teary. 💗

  6. Aw this is a lovely story! I think some people still feel wary about online relationships/meetings, even in this day and age when there’s an app for everything. I know loads of people who have met online and fallen madly in love with each other! Me and my boyfriend sort of knew each other from a distance but never really spoke much, then five years later he was with his friend who I was talking to on Snapchat and he went “oh I used to have a huge crush on her” and stole my user name…we got to know each other all over again through snapchat and I’ve never looked back!

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