DIY Cat Craft Ideas for Cat Lovers

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These super cute diy ideas for cat lovers are purrfect for you to make. My family have always owned a cat from as long as I can remember and I think it’s safe to say we have quite a few cat lovers in our family. We are also fans of frugal DIY projects and art so it only makes sense to create this fantastic roundup of cat art ideas for you to enjoy!

Cat themed craft ideas can be fun and easy to make. If you’ve ever had any cat art ideas what have you made? My daughter created the most adorable toilet tube cat once. I wish I had taken a photo.

Well, enjoy this post and all the wonderfully purrfect cat themed craft ideas. They are lovely!

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Before I share these diy ideas for cat lovers I wanted to share a few pointers on how to know when your cat is content, happy and in love with you, their owner!

Signs Your Cat Loves You

So how do you know if your cat loves you?

It’s pretty simple! Here are some of the things to look out for as signs your cat loves you .

  • Head bunting. When your cat pushes their head up against you or kneads you. This is a sign of love as they are sharing pheremones and showing they trust you and feel safe.
  • Showing the tummy. When your cat feels safe and secure they will lay in a position where their tummy is face up. This demonstrates trust and love and is a sign they are very comfortable around you.
  • Licking And Grooming. When a cat licks your hair or ears it is a sign that you are friends and they clearly trust you.
  • Gifting. When a cat brings a dead gift to the door, it’s a sure sign that they love you as they have chased and caught a gift just for you! .
  • Powerful Purrs. A powerful purr can be a sign of contentment and happiness. If your cat sits and purrs around you then they are super happy and it’s a sure sign they love you.
signs your cat loves you

Super Cute DIY Ideas for Cat Lovers

These cat arts and craft ideas are cute and fun. I love the cat cupcakes and the cat themed t-shirt the best. Which is your favourite DIY cat project?

DIY Cat Travel Pillow

Artsy Fartsy Mama

Do you love cats? I feel you, I do too! And, its so hard to be away from your cat while you travel, but with this DIY cat travel pillow, you can take a little of home on your travels.

DIY Kitty Clay Mobile

A Beautiful Mess

This DIY kitty clay mobile is so cute! It would look adorable in a bedroom on the wall amongst other cat themed decor.

DIY ‘You’re Freaking Meowt’ Tee

Persia Lou

Let the whole world know how obsessed you are with cats with these adorable T-shirts! What I love about these shirts is that you can make super cute cat sayings.

Cat Cupcakes

Skip to My Lou

I love cats and I love cupcakes, so this is a win/win right here! These cute cupcakes would be perfect for a cat themed birthday party.

Cat Mirror

Dream a Little Bigger

This cat mirror would be super cute on a vanity. If you love cats, you will love looking at your beautiful self in this cat shaped mirror.

Cat T-Shirt Embroidery

Swoodson Says

Spice up any old T-shirt or sweater with a cute little cat design. I think it looks best just on the right side of the shirt, but you could place the embroidery anywhere you like.

Bright Paper Cat Garland

A Subtle Revelry

When it comes to birthday themes, its hard to find cat ones. So, make your own cat birthday party decorations with these paper cat garlands.

Clay DIY Cat Ears


When it comes to Halloween, these are the best cat ears out there. So, get your kitty on this Halloween and make some of these ears.

Cat Shelves

Plaster and Disaster

Cats need things to do just like people. However, buying cat toys doesn’t always give your home the right Feng shui. Check out these cat shelves that not only make your home look awesome, but give your cats something fun to do.

DIY No-Sew Cat Pillow

Idle Hands Awake

No, these aren’t pillow for your cat! They are pillows in the shape of a cat. Use fabric that goes with your decor for a burst of cattiness.

More Fun DIY Ideas for Cat Lovers

I do love the cat themed tote bag and that super cute Hello Kitty themed purse. In fact, I love all the cat art ideas I’m sharing today and I’m sure you will too! Enjoy!

Kitty Rice Heat Pack

A Beautiful Mess

This heating back can be used for an upset tummy, muscle aches and pains, or to put on your lap like a cat. It’s super cute and fun to make.

DIY Cat Shoes

Persia Lou

It’s easy to personalize your sneakers especially when they are as cute as these kitty cat shoes. All you need is a heat transfer vinyl.

Kitty Cat Purse Hack

Delia Creates

You need a purse to fit your personality. Make your own kitty cat purse with simple add ons. Choose your favorite purse and turn it into a kitty.

DIY Paper Craft Cool Kitty Card

The Craft Blog

Here’s an amazing treat for all the cat lovers out there! Get free cat craft papers with a tutorial of how to use them. It’s definitely worth opening this post.

DIY Leather Cat Pouch

Lemon Thistle

Here’s another cute idea of how to incorporate your cat love into your wardrobe. This is a super cute cat pouch that would be perfect for going out with friends.

Catnaps Embroidery Pattern

Bees Knees Industries

If you like embroidery and cats, you are in for a real treat with this pattern. Download a free embroidery patter of a sleeping cat from the link above.

DIY Cat Face Pillow

A Beautiful Mess

I think this pillow would be darling for a little girl’s room who loves cats. Of course, it would be cute anywhere. Find out how to make your own.

Hello Kitty Coin Purse

Easy Peasy Creative Ideas

We so need to bring the coin purses back! What better way to do that than with this super cute Hello Kitty coin purse. Check out how to make your own.

Cats Are Better Than People Tote Bag

By Brittany Goldwyn

Honestly, sometimes I have to believe this tote bag. Even if I wasn’t a cat lover, I would still walk around with this cats are better than people tote bag.

Check out which shoes your pet cat would wear if she could.

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