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Ten Names I Call My Husband

I’ve been married to my husband John for almost 40 months. Having him as my husband is the best decision I ever made and we love each other more than any words can describe.

I can honestly say that John and I have never had a fight. We have never called each other a bad word or said anything nasty or hurtful. 

This doesn’t mean to say we haven’t hurt each other’s feelings and It doesn’t mean we agree on absolutely everything. We are both very opinionated people and often have different points of view.

We simply choose to overlook each other’s faults and weaknesses and find it easy to forgive one another….Most of the time!

We choose not to react in a nasty way or get offended by the things we do.

Names I call my husband

Sometimes John is annoying and he gets on my nerves.

Other times I nag him and do his head in. When I’m really sick, I get whiney like a tired toddler.

We definitely have our moments but at the end of the day we have a fabulous relationship, a relationship that I’m well and truly grateful for.

John and I tease each other like crazy.

I laugh at him for his forgetfulness and he comments when I have my “blonde moments”. It’s really good natured and we have a good laugh. We also have pet names that we call each other all the time. There’s heaps of them and it’s sometimes really funny.

With my husband’s permission I am sharing the top 10 names I call my husband.


Well this is his first name and the name I’ve always known him as.


Yep, his middle name is Mark and for the first 30 years of his life he was called Mark. His parents always called him Mark as did his other family members.

I don’t quite understand why he started using his first name but we had a right laugh at our wedding with half the people calling him John and the other half calling him Mark.


I am sure I call John “Dad” more than I call him by his first name. Clearly this is because he is the step-father of our daughter and she calls him Dad.

It has however become a natural habit and I find myself calling John, Dad when our child is at school and it cracks me up.

The Mighty Hubster

Yes I do call him this especially when I need him to do a “stereotypical male” task ha ha! For example when he worked hard to lay our laminate or fit the carpet on the stairs. I usually say…the Mighty Hubster is at work.


John and I call each other honey an awful lot. In fact we all call each other honey.

We even call our daughter honey and it can be confusing at times when I say, “Honey can you come here” as both Sylvia and John will come to see what I want. It can be quite funny at times.

Mr Blister

So I call my husband Mr Blister when he has done something cheeky or forgotten to do something important.

The names I call him certainly depend on what mood I’m in or on what we are doing!


I generally refer to John as my husband when I’m talking about him to other’s

Mr Pinky Ponk

I call John Mr Pinky Ponk when I have a question for him. For example, I might say, where are you going Mr Pinky Ponk? or what have you been up to Mr Pinky Ponk?

I have no idea where all these names come from they just seem to have developed over time.


Sometimes I find myself calling John Baby. This is more an emotional thing and I might say this when he is upset and needs a hug, eg “come here baby”.

It really is quite strange that I have so many names for John. I don’t even know how this happened. I didn’t wake up and say, I’m going to call you so and so today.

This simply occurred naturally over the months that we have lived together, 40 months with my best friend, 40 months , (that I’ve been unwell) but happier than any other time in my life.

Names I call my husband