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Everyone should get something on Valentine’s Day. Cards are great, but they don’t last forever. This Valentines bubble art photo frame gift is something kids can do for their loved ones. 

This is something moms and dads can do with their kids for the other parent, or it works really well as a Valentine’s gift kids can do at school for both parents. 

If you want a gift that comes from the heart and will last throughout the years, this Valentines bubble art photo frame is the perfect gift. Check it out, below! 

Valentines Bubble Art photo frame

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Supplies for Photo Frame Gift

Valentines Bubble art supplies

How to Make Valentine’s Bubble Art Photo Frame

Cut squares of bubble wrap and set aside.

Place drops of paint onto a plate.

Paint a square of bubble wrap (bubble side) and firmly press the bubble wrap onto the wooden frame. Allow the paint to dry completely before overlapping any colors.

The frame and paint

Repeat this time again with various paint colours until your desired look is created.

Painting with bubble wrap

Cut a piece of paper to fit the frame window and allow your child to write a message. Place the picture inside the frame.

The beginning of the Valentines bubble art frame

Decorate the frame with heart stickers, glitter, sequins etc.

Decorated frame

This is an easy project to do for any holiday, just change the colors!

Your Valentines Day photo frame is now ready to gift! 

Valentines Bubble Art Gift

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valentines day photo frame made with bubble wrap printing