Unicorn Cake Ideas You Can Make

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Here are some amazing Unicorn cake ideas that you can make for your next Unicorn themed party. 

Are you looking for the perfect Unicorn Cake Recipe to make? If so then you’re in for a treat. I’ve spent the past few days researching and curating this amazing list of Unicorn cake pictures and recipes to inspire you and help you find the perfect Unicorn themed birthday cake! 

I absolutely love Unicorns and my whole family loves cake! Who doesn’t love cake? We also love Unicorns so the combination of cake and Unicorns is just something we adore! 

We have plenty of amazing Unicorn themed party food ideas here on The Inspiration Edit. Check out our Unicorn Pretzel Rods they are super cute and easy to make! 

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The Best DIY Unicorn Cake Ideas

After searching the internet I am sharing the best cake ideas I could find and each cake is unique, special and made with a lot of talent.

You too can create your very own Unicorn themed cake using this cake inspiration! I really hope you enjoy this post and find something you are looking for. 

If you’re looking for Unicorn supplies then the following items may be super useful!

Rainbow Unicorn Cake

We all love a rainbow cake right? Well I sure do! I spotted my very first rainbow cake at a baby shower about 8 years ago. They have been pretty popular since then! 

This fantastic Cake with Rainbow Layers is so cute. With six colored layers this is not for the faint hearted. The Unicorn horn has a gorgeous gold spray and the tutorial is a sure winner! 

unicorn cake

Celebration Cake

I absolutely adore this next cake design from The Cupcake Project. This new years unicorn cake uses vanilla bean buttercream and has piped rosettes to create the Unicorns hair.

I love the brown and gold theme and think this would make a fantastic celebration cake!  

chocolate unicorn cake design


Our Very OWN layered uNICORN CAKE 

This super cute layered unicorn cake has a number of colors and has a fantastic tutorial if you’d like instructions on how to make this. 

layered unicorn cake

Super Cute Kids Unicorn Birthday Cake 

Now this is the dream child’s Unicorn birthday cake! Don’t ya think? This fantastic cake puts a colorful spin on the traditional white cake using cake batter and frosting that is swirled for a colorful watercolor effect.

Created by Elizabeth over at Sugar Hero, I am so impressed with this super cute and easy birthday cake.

chocolate Unicorn cake

Galaxy Cake

I had never come across a galaxy themed cake shaped as a Unicorn, but this fantastic galaxy masterpiece looks spectacular with it’s brown and gold coloring and galaxy themed frosting. 

I love the bright shades of fuchsia, turquoise, blue and violet and they really do help to create an effective galaxy themed cake. This fantastic birthday cake was created by the Ashlee Marie Blog.

galaxy unicorn cake

Funfetti Unicorn Cake Topper

This Unicorn funfetti cake is fantastic and a great cake idea that I love. Made over at Sugar Hero, this fantastic cake is super cute with it’s white fondant and pink icing. 

Find out how to make these fantastic cake toppers today! It’s really simple and easy to do! 

funfetti cake with unicorn topper

Halloween Unicorn Cake 

I absolutely adore this Halloween cake. Themed as a Unicorn witch, this recipe is so super cute and has to be one of my favourite Halloween cakes of all time! 

This Halloween witch cake was created by The Cupcake Project and uses violet and orange coloring to create the inner layers of the cake. 

halloween witch cake

Harry Potter Unicorn Cake

This super cute Harry Potter themed cake is really cool. If you’re little one is a fan of Harry Potter then this would be a great cake to make. 

harry potter unicorn cake


Easter bunny unicorn cake 

If you’re wanting to make a cake this Easter then why not try a unicorn bunny cake. You’ll love this cake tutorial and it will be a huge hit!

bunny unicorn cake

Birthday Smash Cake

This fantastic birthday cake made over at Kitchen dreaming would be the perfect Unicorn smash cake for your child’s first birthday or a great birthday cake for an older child! 

unicorn smash cake

Ice Cream Cake

If you’re looking for a super cute ice cream cake then look no further! This ice cream cake is so gorgeous and adorable. 

The ice cream cake tutorial can be found over at Flour On My Face and is really easy to make using homemade whipped frosting for flowers. 

unicorn ice cream cake

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unicorn party food idea

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  3. These unicorn cake ideas are so magical and whimsical! I especially love the rainbow unicorn cake and the unicorn with wings cake. They’re both so creative and beautiful, and I’m sure any unicorn fan would love them.

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