Easy Unicorn Cupcakes

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Next week is my daughter’s birthday and it’s got me thinking about fantastic party ideas. Last year Sylvia wanted a Unicorn party and with that in mind, I thought I’d share this fun and easy Unicorn cupcakes tutorial. 

This is such an easy way to turn regular cupcakes into Unicorn cupcakes! We use store-bought cupcakes and bring them to the next level with simple decorating techniques. I’m sure these would be perfect as a Unicorn party food idea! Enjoy!


unicorn cupcakes tutorial a great unicorn party food idea

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Ingredients Needed for These Easy Unicorn Cupcakes

  • – Cupcakes with Vanilla Frosting
  • – Twisty Lollipops
  • – White Airheads Candy
  • – Rainbow Sprinkles
unicorn cupcakes tutorial a great unicorn party food idea

How to Make Unicorn Party Cupcakes

unicorn cupcakes tutorial a great unicorn party food idea
– Cut the stick of the twisty lollipop in half and then stick in the middle of the cupcake – this is the unicorn’s horn!
making unicorn ears from icing
– With a knife, cut a piece of white airhead candy to make two ears.
unicorn sprinkles on a cupcake
Use the edges of each one to create a pointy ear. Stick the ears into the frosting on the side of the unicorn horn.
 unicorn party food idea
– Top with rainbow sprinkles!
how to make unicorn party food
Your Unicorn cupcakes are now ready for your child’s unicorn themed party. I’m sure they will be a big hit. 
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Easy Unicorn Cupcakes

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