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Today we a super fun and easy toilet tube bear craft to share on The Inspiration Edit. Valentines day is approaching and you can make some lovely animal crafts with the kids that they can take home to the ones they love. 

This valentines day craft for preschool kids is simple and easy and comes with a free printable template that you can use super easy.

We do love celebrating valentines with crafts here at our house and this valentines day activity for kids is ideal for the little ones. 


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Supplies Needed For This Toilet Tube Valentines Craft

How To Make An Valentines Day Toilet Roll Bear

Print your valentines bear template out.

Colour the template with crayons or markers. Cut pieces out and set aside.

Paint the toilet tube brown and allow the paint to dry completely. It may require multiple coats of paint.

Glue the template pieces onto the brown toilet tube.

This is a great activity for kids and can help them to develop basic fine motor skills as they practice cutting and gluing. 

Cut out eyes for your toilet tube bear and glue onto the bears face. 

Add the nose and other pieces. 

Use a black marker to add a smile onto the face.

Your toilet tube bear is now ready!

This would make a great Valentines day craft idea! Don’t you think! 

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Download your toilet tube bear craft template and printable eyes here! 

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toilet tube bear with free template