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One of my favorite stories as a child was “The Very Hungry Caterpillar.” In fact, I didn’t even realize I was learning how to count, shapes, colors, and the science between caterpillars and butterflies. This super paper caterpillar craft will go perfect with any story or lesson on caterpillars and butterflies. 

Below, you will find step by step directions on how to make this friendly caterpillar with kids as well as some other crafts you may want to pin. Bug and animal crafts can be really easy and fun for little ones to make. 

Paper Caterpillar craft

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Supplies for Paper Caterpillar Craft

  • Colorful Craft Papers
  • Scissors
  • Pencils
  • Ruler
  • Craft Glue/ Paper Glue

Supplies for caterpillar craft

How to Make a Paper Caterpillar Craft

After talking about caterpillars and butterflies or reading “The Very Hungry Caterpillar,” you can do this fun craft with kids. Here are your step by step directions! 

Step 1

Let’s start off by cutting out the templates. You can either use the colorful rebates or the blank templates.

Paper caterpillar craft templates

Step 2

Fold the leaf horizontally right on the middle. Then make 3-4 vertical folds from top to bottom. This will help to give the leaf a 3D effect.

Step 3

Now glue the leaf on a thick white paper or any kind of white paper.
Then take one of the circular pieces and glue it on too right side of the leaf.

Adding caterpillar to leaf

Step 4

Glue all the circular pieces one next to another and slightly overlap them with each other.

Adding circles to make a caterpillar

Step 5

Now take the two yellow paper strips and glue them on the top middle side of the yellow circular piece. This will be the caterpillars head.

Adding the antennae to caterpillar

Step 6

Now take 2 googly eyes and glue them on the yellow circular piece.

You can use both same sized googly eyes, but in this way it looks a bit ore cute.

paper caterpillar craft

Step 7

Now use a thin black pen and a pink pen to draw the caterpillars mouth.

And there you go! It’s finished.

Finished Paper Caterpillar Craft

Don’t forget to download your free caterpillar template here! 

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