7 Noah’s Ark Activities for Kids

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Noah’s Ark activities are a wonderful way to incorporate fun when learning this classic bible story. We’ve got easy, animal-themed crafts, free printable song lyrics and activity sheets, and more ideas based on the Noah’s Ark story. 

I loved learning the story of Noah’s Ark when I was growing up. I especially loved the song “The Animals Went in Two By Two” (Hurrah! Hurrah!). 

Your kids will surely enjoy these 7 Noah’s Ark crafts, games and songs. 

Noah's ark craft ideas and kids activities.

Noah’s Ark Popsicle Stick Craft

You will love this super easy and fun Noah’s Ark popsicle stick craft idea. Kids love working with popsicle sticks and we’ve also got a free animal template so your kids can practice cutting and coloring. This would be a great activity for the preschool or Sunday school classroom. Check it out. 

Noahs ark popsicle stick craft.

Noah’s Ark Paper Plate Craft 

Preschoolers will love making this Noah’s Ark paper plate craft. The animals and the rainbow make this craft so fun for little ones – another great idea when you need Noah Ark activities!

Noah's ark paper plate craft.

Noah’s Ark Puzzle

This easy Noah’s Ark Puzzle is simple and fun. Who doesn’t love a fun wordsearch? Download your free Noah’s Ark wordsearch here! 

Noah's ark word search.

Noah’s Ark Song: Who Built The Ark? 

If you’re looking for the lyrics to the song “Who Built the Ark?” we’ve got a great printable for you! Use these Noah’s Ark song lyrics to teach the kids a fun new song at mat time.

Get the free printable song lyrics to “Who Built the Ark.

Noah's ark song lyrics.

Noah’s Ark Song: The Animals Went in Two by Two

Another Noah’s Ark song is “The Animals Went in Two By Two.” I remember singing this as a child and loved it. Engage your kids by having them march around while singing – they’ll exercise and burn off energy as a bonus! 

Get the free printable song lyrics to “The Animals Went In Two by Two.“

The animals went in two by two song lyrics.

Noah’s Ark Story Books

Here are some fantastic Noah’s Ark kids’ books which are great for sharing the Noah’s Ark Story with little ones.

Noah’s Ark Activity Sheets

Use this printable of Noah’s Ark questions to create a Noah’s Ark game. You can create a simple trivia game or even write the questions and answers on index cards and make a matching game.

Here are the questions and answers for quick reference.

How Long Did It Take Noah to Build the Ark?

The Bible doesn’t really say exactly how long it took, but it was less than 120 years. (Genesis 5:32, Genesis 6:4 and Genesis 7:6)

How Long Was Noah on the Ark?

Around 377 days. 

How Big Was Noah’s Ark? 

Noah’s instructions are given to him by God (Genesis 6:14–16): The ark is to be 300 cubits long, 50 cubits wide, and 30 cubits high. That is approximately 510 feet long.

How Old Was Noah When He Built the Ark?

When Noah was five hundred years old, he became the father of Shem, Ham and Japheth (Genesis 5:32). He was just over 500 years old when he began to build the ark. 

Who Helped Noah Build the Ark?

Noah built the ark with the help of his family and with the help of God. God instructed him how to build the ark. 

How Many People Were on Noah’s Ark?

There were eight people on Noah’s Ark.

Noah's ark questions.

I hope these activities become some of your kids’ favorite preschool bible games. If you’re looking for more ideas, here’s a selection of Noah’s Ark activities which are available on Amazon. Enjoy!

Noah’s Ark Toys

Tookyland Noahs Ark Toy

Fun And Play Noah’s Ark

Noah’s Ark By Woody Treasures


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