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Kawaii Narwhal Painted Rock Painting Tutorial

This week my daughter turned 11 years old. We bought her a Narwhal birthday cake from Asda and she absolutely loved it. As we are huge fans of rock painting, we decided to paint a Kawaii Narwhal stone.


Rock painting is super fun and can be really easy. We have plenty of painted rock tutorials and ideas here on The Inspiration Edit and we are sure you will love this super cute Kawaii Narwhal. 

narwhal painted rock

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Are Narwhals Real?

Yes Narwhals are certainly real. The Narwhal is a beautiful and strange creature found primarily in the Canadian Arctic. Narwhals have a long tusk protruding from their heads. This is actually an enlarged tooth that looks like an Unicorn horn. Due to the large tusk, Narwhals are called the Unicorns of the sea. 

What You Need For Your Narwhal Painted Rock Stone

You will need the following supplies for your rock painting craft:

  • 1 large rock
  • 1 pencil
  • Eraser
  • Posca paint pens

How To Draw A Narwhal 

The first part of your rock painting involves drawing a narwhal onto your stone. To draw your Narwhal, you can look up images of the narwhal on google or copy the outline I have drawn here on my Narwhal rock stone. 

How To Paint A Kawaii Narwhal

Begin by painting the belly of the Narwhal. 

We are painting a rainbow narwhal so the next step is to choose different colours for your Narwhal stone. 

Colour the different sections of your Narwhal whale using whatever colours you have.

I used posca paint pens to fill in the spaces. These are simple and easy to use and are also great for kids. Next I used a black posca pen to colour in the black of the eyes. 

Once the colours are filled in, you can add further detail and draw an outline using the black posca pen. This is a fun Narwhal art project and one for both adults and children.

Your Narwhal rock stone is now complete! 

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narwhal rock stone