Visiting Blackpool With Chronic Illness

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Visiting Blackpool With Chronic Illness

Visiting Blackpool last week had to be the highlight of my Summer. Having Adrenal Insufficiency and chronic illness more often than not means staying at home in between visits to the hospital and doctors. I do get out but at a huge cost to my health and so going on trips with my family is a really rare but wonderful treat.

We went to Blackpool on a press trip to review several Blackpool attractions from the Blackpool tower to the tower circus. We had a fantastic time and really enjoyed all our experiences although the tower dungeon was a little dark and gloomy. I’ll be writing my reviews next week.

We began our day visiting the Blackpool Tower which was fantastic. This was followed by several other Blackpool attractions and eventually a visit to the beach.

Going to Blackpool beach was really nice. I’ve not sat on sand in about 2 years and it was lovely to just sit and watch Sylvia play in the sand and watch her go in the water from a distance.

Going to the seaside was free. It didn’t cost anything but had to be one of my most enjoyable moments.

I guess when you can’t just up and go whenever you feel, these moments become more precious.

I love the Seaside. When I moved to New Zealand as a tween I really missed the seaside and cherished the memories of a British pier with all the fun and games, shops and food available.

While in Blackpool we had traditional Seaside food. We ate donuts and had a traditional Fish and Chips meal at Harry Ramsdens which was delicious. The fish was so fresh and tasty and the best I had in years. It’s been a long time!

We really had a lovely meal and although it was just for one day and I paid the price burning myself out, it was worth every moment. We only live a 40 minute drive away from Blackpool and we returned a second time to complete the attractions we had agreed to review.

Sylvia loved her trip to Blackpool as did I and I’m hoping to improve my health so we can visit more fun places in future. Fingers crossed.


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