Celebrities, Blogging and the Glamorous Side

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Celebrities, Blogging And The Glamorous Side

Today I wanted to write about the world of blogging from my own perspective in relation to “being in the public eye” and meeting celebrities who inspire me to follow my dreams. 

Since becoming a blogger in 2015, I’ve had so many amazing and crazy experiences. I’ve worked hard for everything I’ve achieved and have been amazed by some of the opportunities that I’ve taken part in. I’ll begin by saying blogging is NOT EASY!

Seriously, if you want to blog as a career, there is so much work involved and that is often a lot more work than I ever had to do as a University student or a qualified teacher. 

Blogging is not a career for just anyone. You can’t just write a post, hit publish and hope for results. There is so much more to the profession and whether you work from home or are out and about, you really are on the go a lot of the time with very little downtime. There are many sacrifices that have to be made and it’s a tough world at times. 

Blogger Glamour

That’s right! Life as a blogger is not all glam and games. We see bloggers, “influencers” and even celebrities on social media such as Instagram and life looks great. However, you usually only see the best image, the most beautiful shot and the end result. 

When you see a blogger sharing a story of the wonderful food they are eating at a restaurant, you won’t have seen the background work. You won’t see the following things:

  • The weeks and months of content written and published to build an audience.
  • The blogging courses, SEO training, social media management course, photography, editing, and so forth. 
  • The many hours spent researching, pitching and the back and forth emails before a collaboration. 

Likewise, when you see someone at an event smiling next to a celebrity, you won’t think about the time and effort required to get to that location. Emails, trip planning, travelling – “through rush hour” and the work one might do on the train on the way to or from the event. 

Blogging may look all fun and games but the reality is this is a job just like any other job and there is a lot of work involved. 

banjo brothers

Meeting Celebrities as a Blogger

Something I never thought I would do but really enjoy as part of my blogging profession is meeting famous celebrities. It’s kind of fun but most importantly, I love to just chat to these people and learn more about them and learn of the struggles and adversity they went through to get to where they are today. 

I guess it’s one of my interests, learning about people, watching reality tv and reading autobiographies, I really do find learning about other’s lives fascinating. 

What is a celebrity? 

Well, in a nutshell, a celebrity is someone who is famous and in the public eye, usually through the entertainment, sports or music world.

Meeting famous celebrities is nothing new to me. To be honest, I have several friends from my youth who made it big. One performs in the West End, whilst another is now a tv personality on a popular UK television show.

I have plenty of friends from high school in New Zealand who made it big time in sporting too. Some winning gold medals at the Olympics and representing New Zealand at the highest levels. 

Then in my early adult years, I happened to be married to a Barber/hairstylist who would often cut the hair for celebrities and sports personalities living in Auckland. I guess I kind of enjoy meeting famous people and reading their stories.

I always enjoy a good celebrity autobiography and have read many over the years. I think my favourite was Cheryl My Story by Cheryl Cole. I loved that book! 

In fact, I’m looking forward to visiting the local charity shop to find some more autobiographies to read. I really do enjoy that. 


Meeting Caprice Bourret

The first celebrity I met as a blogger was Caprice Bourret an American businesswoman, model, actress, and television personality. Caprice attended the BritMums2015 Conference and gave an inspiring talk about her life. Now anyone who has heard of Caprice will know how stunning and beautiful she is.

The funny thing is, my hubby used to have pictures of caprice on his wall as a youth and when we met Caprice for the first time he was excited to have a photo with her. 

Little did I know that one month later I would win the MamapreneurUK Blogging Award for top parent blogger. Here I met Caprice again. She presented me with my award and we later collaborated on her newly launched bedding collection. It was a great opportunity. 

meeting caprice at mampreneuruk awards

Photos With Celebrities

Whilst I don’t tend to get out much due to my adrenal failure and chronic health problems, (I blog mainly from home and from the bed) I do enjoy meeting celebrities from time to time and having photos together! It’s kind of cool.

I’ve met a few people through my blogging career, from tv personalities to famous singers, models and actors. In 2015 I met Kéllé Bryan from the pop group Eternal, a group I loved to listen to in my youth. 

Collaborating With Celebrities

I’ve met plenty of UK TV personalities over the past few years, from presenters such as Caroline Smiley and Davina McCall and reality stars like Gemma Collins and Alexandra Cane. 

I think the highlights for me, however, have been meeting health and Medical personalities such as Dr Pixie and Dr Hillary Jones-  who I’ve collaborated with as a blogger. I worked with Dr Pixie to raise awareness for Cervical Cancer and took part in a Facebook Live panel with ITV Health Editor Dr Hillary Jones. 

It was great speaking with both Dr’s behind the scenes about my own health issues and receiving advice and encouragement to keep working towards my blogging and health goals. 

I also loved cooking with tv personality and Celebrity Master Chef winner Angellica Bell. That was really fun and an awesome experience for me.

richmond sausages

Which Celebrity Will I Meet Next?

Whilst I don’t get out too often, I am looking forward to more opportunities in 2020 and in the future and wonder just who will I meet and what will I do? 

I have no idea what opportunities will come into my inbox in the next year but it will be exciting to find out. The one thing I must continue to do is work hard and keep plugging away. I can be inspired by those celebrities I’ve spoken with, from the advice they have given regarding self-confidence, trolls and fighting through adversity.

I am also inspired by my blogging colleagues who are also in the “Public Eye” a lot and the inspiration and strength they give to me to keep going and not give up despite my severe health difficulties. (Shout out to Vicki Psarias aka Honest Mum). Have you read her book  MumBoss A Guide To Surviving And Thriving At Work And Home. It’s a great read!

I can use the Inspiration, I am given from others to move forward and live my dreams and make a life for me and my family. I’ll keep on working hard and when the glamour moments come I will enjoy them, then get back to work and keep on doing what I need to become a success. 

Angela x

About Angela Milnes

Angela Milnes is a Qualified Early Years Teacher who has specialised in Preschool and Kindergarten teaching. She has a wealth of experience teaching young children and is passionate about kids crafts and having fun as a family. Angela has also taught cooking skills and loves to share both family recipes and easy instant pot recipes here on The Inspiration Edit. Follow her on Pinterest!

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  1. You have done and continue to do so well Angela, you’re an inspiration. Thanks so much for including me here, I feel lucky to have you as a trusted friend, love V x

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